ELDAAS – Fake Interview

Hello Guys, Am from the other state, came to bangalore for job hunt two weeks back. I got a mail from eldaas that my resume has been shortlisted from naukri. I contacted them, they said there will be a written test on 25th August 2013 on Aptitude/Basic Electronics. I went to the office where so many fresher(B.E. – 2013) like me came for the test. First round was technical/aptitude where some were shorlisted and we attented the next round which was technical HR. Around 20 were shorlisted. Next was a presentation, this is where we came to know about the true colour. They started telling about the course that they are offering. Next a lady named madhuri started telling about the course and the amount of 60000 has to be paid for course. Then a guy asked who are all selected as part of the interview or this is just fake interview. The lady said that three were selected ! and we asked who are they, she refused telling that who should we reveal it to you people. Then all insisted that we came to interview and we have the right. She told three names that we never came across the interview. The whole process was fake. There are many companies doing like this, where freshers are the victim, stating that we have no industrial experience and you cannot work on projects.

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  1. What u r telling is nonsense. I got job and placed in ELDAAS after the interview. I believe you did not perform well. They had shortlisted 3 people for the employment. We are on job now. As we know, the job industry is not at all good now. I am happy to get a job in core electronics industry without any previous industry experience. Thanks to Madhu and ELDAAS.