ELDER PHARMA – non payment of fixed deposit amount

My husband and I who are senior citizens hold fixed deposits of six lakhs with Elder Pharma which we want to terminate prematurely due to unexpected financial requirements.We submitted all the deposit receipts and interest cheques through integrated enterprises and asked Elder to repay our fixed deposits one year ago but we have not received the amount till date.We have made several trips to the company and have to spend so much money by auto and bus.These are our retirement savings and it is heartbreaking to be cheated of our hard earned money.

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    Elder pharma is cheating. My FDR NO. n 78518 DT.15.01.2013 for Rs. 60,000/- My contact No 9632727495 V. Chandrasekaran e mail. [email protected] They are cheaters and frauds who have not paid any interest since Jan 2014 and principle amount. But share price is hovering around Rs.130/-

  2. Radha Krishnamurthy Iyer

    I have not received my Interest warrant cheque from Oct 2014 and both my FD s are matured.I am not getting any response from the company.

    1. falguni Patel

      Hello Mr.Bansal , even I had an FDR of rs25000 dated 30/6/2014, i am really surprise to know that so many ppl are not paid their principal amount I really fail to understand why is this company not ready to pay investors’ amount kindly consider my complaint too.

  3. Radha Krishnamurthy Iyer

    I have two FD for Rs.25,000/- each. I have submitted the FDR along with the post dated interest warrant cheque for premature withdrawals in November 2013..now the FDR No N66702 is already matured and the second one FDR NO N71577 is due to mature in march.I am a 72 year old lady staying alone and my treatment for the replacement of my knee is delayed due to the nonpayment of the above deposits. They have not paid even the interest from april 2014.

  4. We have Following fixed Deposits & same were submitted for repayments through Bajaj Capital Ltd on 08-09-2014 but we have not so far received our principal amt and interest due there on from the company,company’s share price as on today is 132/- that means company is in profit.This company dose not care for the small common public investors, who feels that they are being cheated by such a reputed company.
    1) FD No: N 62243 Rs.80,000/- date of maturity 30-10-2014 – Suresh G Pendse
    2) FD No: N 62241 Rs.60,000/- date of maturity 30-10-2014 – Meera S Pendse.

    Even post dated interest ch No:166299 Rs.725/- of another FD No: 76478 was bounced on 05-01-2015 and bank charges of Rs.25/- was levied by bank. Company should feel ashamed of there responsibility toward deposit holders. Please note my wife is under cancer treatment since last year.
    I hope we will received our principal amount as early as possible.

  5. Saroja Hariahran

    Fixed Deposit interest cheque bounced – FDr no-82833; warrant no-624101; chq.no180263 dated 01-01-2015 for Rs.19056/= drawn on Axis Bank, Mumbai Br., – Reason for chq.bouncing: refer to drawer.