Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd C-9 Elder House Dalia Industrial Estate Andheri (W) Mumbai 400053 – Non-repayment of Fixed Deposits matured already in January 2015 and bouncing of interest warrants

I and my wife, both Senior Citizens, have not received the maturity value of our Fixed Deposits, amounting to about 3 lacs, although we have sent the FDs for repayment already in January 2015. We have followed up several times in vain! We do not understand why the Company does not refund our deposits although the share value of the company is around 104 Rs!! We need assistance from all who invested in Elder Pharmaceuticals to force them to repay our hard earned money. Kindly advise how to go ahead. Even a few interest warrants also bounced, and though we complained to the Company, we did not get any reply.

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