Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd C9 Dalia Industrial Estate Andheri W Mumbai 400 053 – Non-payment of Principal amount of Fixed Deposits on maturity

On 12-01-2015, I and my wife, both Senior Citizens, sent the Fixed Deposit Nos. N 67501 and N 68818 of Elder Pharmaceutical Ltd, on maturity requesting them to send the maturity value. In spite of repeated follow up, we have not received the amount. We also did not get any response from Elder Pharmaceuticals. We do not understand why a company whose share price is as high as 104 Rs does not refund the money invested by senior citizens. Please advise me if there is any collective forum through which we can claim our hard earned money. Even the interest warrants bounced, and though I have complained to Elder Pharma, they have not even acknowledged my letters. Please advise how to go ahead.

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