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Reported By: Senthil

Contact information:
https:/ em8.in/#/

Complaint regarding the online scam in the EM MALL WEBSITE. They’re simply asking us invest and grab deals as much as possible. I invested 10000 initially and I earned 18000. But after that everything was gone. I lost around 500000 in this EM MALL WEBSITE. Kindly don’t ever think to invest in this website. If anybody able to bring an end to this scam group, I’m pleasing you kindly help me to get my money back.


How to file a complaint against EM MALL?

* Go to page
* Write EM MALL in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from EM MALL.

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  1. Dear Sir/ Mam,

    I received a message that I can earn commission and I started with a small investment of Rs 100 and I go the commission.

    Company Details:-

    E-M Mall belongs to British International Private Limited in India, the company identification number is (CIN)u 93000 dl 2009 PTC 18428, and the registration number is
    188428, the address is 1831, BISSOMAL building, 2nd floor, BHAGIANDELH100CHI

    Company then asked me to recharge for Rs 1000 and I did that and then they gave me multiple orders after investing Rs 67854 I get know that this fraud and my money is frozen there. Is there anyway that I can get back my refund. Please help

    1. I invested 1lakh 28 thousand. I don’t get refund from em mall . Please help to get back money. I was a student. I lost whole saving . Please help

  2. These cheats are ably supported by politicians. They are back again, 2022 May.

    And very stupid of people investing left and right in Indias, ometimes poorest people, and smilingcheats and politicians plan the next step.

  3. This is regarding online scam in EM mall website, initially they said me to grab part time or full time job and recharge some amount like 100 later 500 , 1000 etc and grab the orders after completion of order they said we will deposit the profits but after I recharged the website kept on grabbing more amount of orders so I couldn’t complete the order and keep on recharging the amount later I get it that it is so callled scam I lost all my savings my hospital cash please kindly help us all thank you

    1. Hi guys

      Same I lost 1.1 lakh EM mall fraudulent.kindly help me for refund my money. I lost whole one year hardly earning money.

      1. I wonder, why you went for such scams.
        There are even advt in Times of India.
        No shortage of gullible people that even the cheats advt old junk, they don’t even care to update, gullible people jump on these cheats