epic india software solutions – fake

This is a fake company please don’t attend any interviews from this company. this is a cheating , fake company. They just want to get money from candidates. After getting money they say good bye to students. AN IT COMPANY WHICH HAS NO COMPUTER , NO FURNITURE, NO COMPUTER which I have seen in my life. They are just running this one in a house only. AWARE CHEATING!!!!!!!!!! CHEATING!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHEATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. “Ayyayo… En kinattha kaanome.. En kinaru pona vaaram varaikkum inga thaane irunthuchi.. kaanome!!!” comedy thaan da nyabagam varuthu. “Ayyayo… En company ya kaanome!!!”nu thaan naan unakku reply pannanum.

    It may be one of my companies terminated employees due to poor loyalty or poor performance. If its real or this madam/sir is affected by us as they say, he may give his/her original name. Geetha is name of my friend and Saravanan is my name. This guy/girl/transgender is just mocking me and my company. It is a personal issue. This guy is fake who don’t have a name itself to mention on this fake complaint. I afraid that he afraid to mention his name that this site is asking for our “LAST NAME” which he is not aware of it or confused.

    If anyone are having a doubt, just visit to my company premises to check it out that it have employees, premises and furnitures or not.

    For you hater,

    “Thanks.. You are making me Famous”.

    Thanks and Regards,
    R. Saravanan
    Epic India Software Solutions,