epitome info solutions – Fake company & not at all registered(Take money from unemplyed youth)

Hello Friends, This is a fake company which is located in banjara hills, road no 3, hyderabad. Anil kumar is a number one fraud, This is a company which will make the unemplyed ece and eee students to believe that thay are going to place them in telecommunication field with reputed clients. But the fact is he don’t have any clients and he will give a comedy training for 2 months duration of 1 hour class and he don’t have any equipment or softwares to give practical training.friends he will not show any job after this 2 months of training also and ask you to wait for another 2 months like this he will make you bored and finally makes you yourself to leave this company without giving any job and even not refunding your money. There is one interesting point here out of 50 trainees he will show job for 1 or 2 in an organization called IWS in banglore. I will tell you about this organization this is another big story, this fraud anil don’t even know anyone in this company generally IWS give paid training every year in all 365 days they will charge 25000 and they will show placement but this company training is good and they have all equipment labs AC classrooms provides practical training.Now this fraud anil says that he is sending you to a company called IWS and they will give some training to you and place you but the fact is that no one in IWS don’t know about this fraud again you will join as a new student in that company but this fraud anil pay 25000 to them as you pay 40000 are more amount to him, even he will not pay that money properly he will make you to cry to pay 25000 for that company. So if you really want to go in to telecom field join IWS directly or go for any other companies like simtech etc., but dont trust this fraud. Bottom Line: Epitome info solutions is a fraud company and Anil kumar is a number one fraud.Don’t trust this anil he will blackmail you emotionally that he is about to give a job and you are rejecting that and he will say at the time of joining he will show the job with in a week or 10 days. Students who paid money to him take them immediately and even file a case against him there is no use with him he will not show you job 200%I(This is my personal experience) Suggestion for ECE ans EEE students: Telecom is not a great field to start your career even IWS or anyother company will make you to work like a dog and its field work out of 100 only 5 will sustain in this field, and even the salary they will pay will be enough to your expenses only.

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