ERP Infotech, Pimpri, Pune – Fake Unatorized SAP Institute

I have taken admission in ERP infotech for SAP ABAP which costed me 30, 000/-. in which, they assured me that the training and project will be complete in 3 months. But even after 6 months my training was not complete as there was no trainer to teach my batch which constituted 4 more students. Later they asked for another 6000/- so that they can arrange trainer for us. We were requesting the staff over there to arrange the trainer but in vein as the staff only had one reason to give that “we are just employees, and can’t help.” Moreover the names of the director’s, managers and owner;s name are fake so we didn’t knew who to contact to get our issue solved. Later we researched about this institute then we found that this institute is having various names and they change the names every year to avoid legalities. After this, we threatened the lower level management that we will go to police to complaint against them after which we got a trainer who was new, had no practical knowledge and completed our training with bookish knowledge. The trainer which they arranged newly for us, was also very irregular. Even after 6 months of enrollment our batch is pending. This was the biggest mistake of me to get enrolled here and play with my career as the knowledge i got over here is of no use in this practical world. I believe i wont get a job as i have already lost 6 precious months of my education over here. Same is the situation with rest of the batch. Please don’t trust the staff and their fake promises. Better meet the students and get to know the actual situation.

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