Esco mall – Part time job to complete the orders of goods for sale

Reported By: Samira Mohamed

Contact information:
Esco mall Delhi

I was offered part time job by esco mall based in south delhi. I joined and asked me to complete the orders of goods for sale/ marketing under brand names like Flipkart. I was asked to recharge money from my bank account so that after completing the task of order of goods ,I would able to withdraw my salary and commission but I lost 5000 rs in this. Pls help me get back my 5000 rs. I was given more and more tasks and asked to recharge until I was unable to recharge. My account is frozen and unable to withdraw. The esco mall fraudsters cheated me. want my 5000rs back soon.


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* Go to page
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* Get refund / replacement / damages from Esco mall.

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