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I have received the call from Nisha who is working with this firm on June 20th 2014. She told me that she has some openings with very good company and she would be able to place me in no time. Also she told me that I can expect a hike of approximately 50% with good company and good position. I also told her about the complains which people has filed against them. To that she has responded that “Mouthshut” is trying to defame them and also “MouthShut” is asking for money to clear their name from their site. I was sold to her and paid the money the same day. Once I paid the money here is what I have noticed: 1. There was no call which I have received from them in 4 months. 2. They are very rude on calls (when i called them) 3. Every time they cook some new story and does not gave any solution to the problem. 4. They have kept me in dark about the progress which is made on the profile candidature. 5. As per the contract after 3 month of taking their service if I am not placed then they were suppose to provide me the refund, however for past 1 month there is nothing from them. 6. They are asking for un-necessary details which is frustrating. 7. I don’t have any idea when i would get the refund and how much that would be. 8. They could not send me for a single interview. More from the money part they have harassed me mentally and I think this is the time to take some action. I have paid money for the service which I never received. They have not spend a single rupee by even calling me.It is quite brutal for the people who are looking for the job and falling as pray to this company.I have never imagined that this would happen to me and it is quite sad that companies in our county is trying to make money by fooling people. This is sad.

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