Exalt Consulting – Fraud and Cheaters


Fake job racket busted in Bangalore


BANGALORE: A fake job racket that cheated nearly 14,000 job aspirants, across the country, to the tune of over Rs 2.75 crore has been busted by the central crime branch (CCB) of the city police.

The culprits had managed to get jobs for only seven candidates till date, investigations revealed. The fraud company Exalt Consulting Placement Services Private Limited operated from the first floor of a business centre in Shivajinagar. While two staffers were arrested, the kingpins are absconding.

The modus operandi was simple. The racketeers would trawl the internet and collect data on unemployed youth from various job portals. They would approach the youth and get them to register on their websites, www.exaltconsulting.com and www.exaltconsulting.co.in, promising them jobs in software firms. The registration fee was in the range of Rs 5,000 to Rs 9,000.

The fraudsters collected Rs 15,000 as commission from those seeking jobs with less than Rs 50,000 salary and Rs 25,000 from those who drew higher salaries. Candidates were also levied an 8% interest for any delay in paying up. The ones who could not be placed were told to apply for refund of registration and were paid only a part of it after three months. Exalt would deduct Rs 4,000 from the registration fee as miscellaneous expenses, police said.

The racket was busted after one of the victims emailed DCP (crime) Abhishek Goyal.

“The exact figures of victims of the company stood at 13,947 since 2011. Of them only seven got jobs and ironically, most of them through their own efforts. The agency had collected Rs 2,75,58,337 and refunded only Rs 54,37,408,” Goyal said. A case under sections 406 and 420 of ILC has been registered with the Shivajinagar police, he added.

During the raid on Exalt premises, the CCB team seized 37 monitors, 35 CPUs, four laptops, 41 landline phones, two printers and one card swiping machines.

Kingpin and Exalt owner Shabeer Ahmed and his senior manager Mohammed Azam are absconding. Mohammed Shakeel, an accounts manager with the firm, and a junior manager identified as James alias Sada have been arrested, police said.

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  1. Shailesh Inamdar

    Yes, I agree that they are cheaters.
    I have registered with them just 4 to 5 days back. Since then no contact from their side. Also no phone calls are operational.

  2. Hey even i got email confirmation that the amount will be refunded between 20th to 31st oct 2014. So i have sent them the mail y it didn’t get refund they said that effort estimation starts on 20th till 29th they finish all approvals and they transfer the amount on 30th and 31st.

    When my amount didn’t transferred i contacted them phonelines were off i mailed them then they told me the reality and cleared my doubts. What yaar these police people sometimes they behave like uneducated and unmature they would have filed a civil case if they would have been wrong simply they stopped their processes and made them handicapped, seized their accounts and all Poor Exalt people police shouldn’t have treated them like this when they were transferring the funds and providing the service to other people. why the stopped processes. My friend had been provided with the 3 interviews from them now his service is stopped what should he do now.

    If the court prove them wrong that time police people doing this is correct now where the people like my friend should go who were getting the interview calls and was depending on the followups they make with company HRs.

    Anyways even i want my amount if police don’t unfreeze their account i will ask those police who took action on them while transferring my amount. It was the matter between me and Exalt Consulting who asked you to take the decision like this which will affect so many lives, you would have closed the company after we all who paid getting the service and refund.

    Because of you those who were about to get the amount got suffered unfreeze their accounts and documents urgently else i will come and sit outside the police station and you have to pay me the money

  3. Hi,
    Even I am a victim of this fake consultancy. I had registered in Sep, had paid an amount of Rs.5056/- after which no updates from these people. Also they did not respond properly whenever I called them. Today when I again emailed them, I got a reply from them saying that police had taken all their laptops and stuffs as part of a normal investigation done for all consultancies in Bangalore. And not to panic and be negative, will update you within 3 or 6 months. After which I found this news online about this fake company.
    If this is fake, how are they sending such reply mails to the candidates….not sure even if that one is fake