EXALT CONSULTING PVT LTD – NO Refund of initial fees.

I am sakthivel, living in pondicherry. I have registered to Exalt consulting pvt ltd bangalore. First of all a call came from their HR her name is miss. Farzana. She is keep on calling me to join that consultancy and she said being a fresher the validity period is 6 months only. if we can’t arrange a job to you or a job can arranged by yourself the full amount what you paid we will refund it. I was registered 3 january-2014, my validity period have finished 2 july 2014, after completes the validity period i am keep on calling them. They don’t have idea to refund my amount of Rs 4500/- In these notice period there is no single company are called me regarding the interview. I didn’t attend any interviews..So my friends who are all wanted to join this consultancy. don’t believe their stories. Whenever i call them, They telling hold on second than they will tell we will reply you at the end of the day.At the end of the day no reply will come. these type of consultancies will call us until they get money from us..today 30 oct 2014. I didn’t get my money back.


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