Expat Properties – No land sale deed in my name since Dec 2018

Reported By: Sanjaynikam

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Expat Properties
rs.28 lacs 40 thousand paid

Bangalore enrolled, expat properties developers had workplaces in muscat oman. Organization specialist siddhimon and lloyd rebello encouraged me to put resources into land sold by expat in line locale of sindhudurg in south maharashtra, close to proposed new air terminal mopa in goa.

I paid rs.1.5 lac indian rupees for beginning booking in neighborhood cash of omani rials for 1 plot of half section of land in fair undertaking close malewad town in sawantwadi taluka, 1 plot of half section of land in congruity 2 close to town kalane, and 1 plot of 5000sqft in heaven city close to town dingne in dodamarg taluka.

According to installment receipts and timetable referenced in the symbolic receipt arrangements, which are done on 100 ruppees franked karnataka state income lawful papers, endorsed by expat representatives, me and my significant other, (Dr. Mrs. Rajkunwar sanjaykumar nikam), we paid all likened regularly scheduled payments from our hdfc nre bank a/c[protected], shivajinagar branch, to hub financial balance [protected], m. G. Street part of expat in bangalore.

Land deal deed of over 3 plots was guaranteed in july 2019, including effortlessness time of 06 months in symbolic receipt arrangements bombing which expat will discount with 12% premium inside 90 days of notice from us.

Presently, there is no reaction by any means, no land deal deed, as expat isn’t claiming any land in these 3 towns of sindhudurg area of south maharashtra, nor cash discount as the cash is guided by expat chiefs and representatives for their own benefits.


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