Be very careful with exporters India they will offer you at first a great deal of creating a fantastic website for $99.00 USD for 1 year. Abdul Aleem KHAN Sales person

Here is the beginning of the most scamming after I spoke to Abdul Aleem Khan.
I agreed to listen to his pitch on December 2013 1 week before Dec 25.
Told Abdul will think about it but I am skeptical as it sounds too good to be true. He showed me samples of website for me to google which were impressive.. He claimed the same type will be created for $99.00 which includes design, domain and hosting and email

.Here are the promises that changes : remember it starts at only USD $99.00 This person called like a robot minute by minute by minute night and day for 1 month. Even after I told him wait for 2 weeks. On January 25 2014 I decided Ok for 99.00 for 1 year what do I have to loose.
After paying the $99.00 silver membership I was very happy.
Their Web design team followed up with welcome and wants to get started. I told them wait we are busy please give us time. a week later Aleem ABDUL KHAN sales person called again.
NOW with a Great news he said. We are upgrading you to the Platinum form our regular price of $ 550.,00 for 3 years to 399.00 only for 3 years. What a deal. Since I paid them $99.00 all I need is 300.00

I stated wait we have not even began the 1st website SILVER membership website. Let us wait. he stated I understand.
A month came by he calls again. Our website was finally about ready but something is not right. The site was very plain and was very different from what he showed us. That is where is stated that was the Platinum site.
Again another crafty call with an offer. Here is the next good news he shared. I was approved for 250.00 for Platinum for 3 years with 25 pages of site all the bells and whistle. I asked what about changes and Admin rights. Yes you get those too,.
Finally I agreed to pay the total of $250.00 for the whole website. Must admit the website looks great.
Here are the missing part and the nightmare begins.
I was reffered to Customer support who is to take care of me from now on. Mr Guarav Negi. I must admit he sounded decent and honest support guy.
Very helpful but the issus started when I asked for my administration ID and password.

To get access for my Administration rights to make my own changes I have to pay them $400.00 called the “Control Panel Service” which is a lifetime service so I can make changes to the site. Add, edit, delete input Videos.
I asked what about out Domain ownership since I paid for those No those are extra. 2) emails I have to send them the email addresses I require they will set it up. 3) if it is life time I only have 3 year agreement with you how can that be possible?
He stated yes you get the rights however you have to pay additional fees of $400.00 to renew the service after your 3 years is up.
Then Another issue came up. The $250.00 Platinum fee I paid was only for 1 year. Which took them 5 months to complete.

The $400.00 Control Panel fee they are selling me to provide me with unlimited changes to the website was supposed to be included in the Platinum service to begin with.
They are SCAMMERS because they stated the changes or Administrative rights was never part of the agreement.
Additionally all their offers to you are always sent via writing or cut and paste to the email that is sent to you.
I had asked numerous times for an actual contract agreement. All I get everytime is a cut and paste info.
Ask to speak to a manager they thell you there is no-one.
beware of ALEEM ABDUL KHAN. and GUARAV NEGI These sales scammers are desperate to tell you everything only to keep up selling you.
Look at the promises given Below.

The buyers they have are only looking for 50 to 500 Metric Tons order CIF INDIA< The cost to ship is more than the product. Then they all complain that it is expensive.
Bottom Line BUYER BEWARE. All other enquiries are all fake ones they posted.


THANK YOU For reading


1) PLATINUM SERVICE & 2 The CONTROL PANEL for $400.00 so I can make changes to my site.

1) You will be able to view the contact details of 2500 buyers and you may contact them or send them promotional emails/messages to deal with you. -this will generate BUSINESS for your company
2) PREMIUM member we will create a platform with the help of which you will be able to POST unlimited trade leads, for example if you have a stock of your Products, you will be able to post that as a sell lead and this sell lead will be visible to matchable buyers. -this will generate inquiries and business.
3) view the CONTACT details of 25 HOT BUYERS. HOT buyers means, any company who have have posted a BUY LEAD and looking to BUY product you deals in. – This means you can check who is INTERESTED TO BUY your type of products, then you can view the contact details of such buyers and send them your proposal
4) Being a premium member – Your classified will come on the TOP of the category pages,All of of the visitors those who are searching related products, will be able to view your classified, your contact details, and then place enquiries.

Mr. on daily basis at exportersindia.com we receive more then 500 thousand visitors, so even 1% of them are related to your industry then still your classified will come in font of 5000 visitors every day, and even 1% of them are buyers then at least 50 buyers will view your classified, your company name, your contact details every day and chances are high that they may ring you or place enquiry for business.

e) being a premium member – Your product images will be displayed for 1 month on the HOMEPAGE of your targeted countries market place,this will enable you to get business inquiries

7) and Most IMP:

Remember- Not all of your targeted customers will come at exportersindia.com – But all of them will surely search your products at google.com, bing.com, yahoo.com and many other search engines.

We will design a Free product catalog cum website for your company, this will be a search engine friendly product catalog, which we will promote in approx 200 search engines,

b) We will do the search engine optimisation to generate traffic and enqugies.

c) We will promote your company directly in search engines like google.com, bing.com, yahoo.com so if any customer searches for your type of products in google, they will be able to visit your website and place business eqneuries,


I would like to inform you that for getting changes in your website, we need to integrate one software in your website which is Control Management System. Below is the complete description about the software.

As your company deals with flexible products you do require the Back end for your website which you can Add/Edit/Delete and can make changes as per your convenience. I am mentioning its deliverables in detailed below:

1) Add / Edit / Delete text and images related to your company profile, infrastructure, quality, clients, certifications and almost everything that you want, anywhere, anytime

2) Add / Edit / Delete a product, its images and details and categorize as per your wish

3) Add / Edit / Delete blow-ups for products

In short, we provide you the back end for the website by which you can EASILY make any change in the website anytime on your own.

Also the Maintenance ,Web Hosting, Designing, Promotion of the website will surely be taken care by us, but this CMS feature in your website will give you the advantage of making the changes on your own and that also not require any coding, you can make the changes easily through CMS panel on your own.

There is one time investment of $ 349 USD for the CMS panel in the website and no renewal is required for the same.

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