F-K MALL – Lured with an offer of part time job and asked for investment which I cannot withdraw

Reported By: Afrin Sheikh

Contact information:
F-K MALL Nagpur
https:// flipkart-mall.com/#/

Hello sir, I am a humble backgrounded girl and had saved a bit of money after a period of 2-3 years of hardworking, on 17-11-2021 I have got in touch with Vishal kumar who claims to be an employ of Saiwey-mall company in mumbai and he had asked me if I wanted an online part time job I was interested and had no experience of online work so I humbly requested him to explain the job in which he told me that I’ll be buying several products and there will be a 10%commission on them and as well the total amount with which I’ll buy will be refunded and I’ll be able to withdraw the money easily, hence I started working since yesterday and as he guided me I had bought the products but in later stages the price of the shipment including 3-4 products kept on increasing and when I asked him for guidance and help he told me to just invest the money as I’ll be able to withdraw later but I could not withdraw even after several tries as he told me that there are new shipments to be done pls complete them and you will be refunded ,pls help me sir I’m totally broke now all my savings are gone and also I’m in debt as I have borrowed some money from my friend which will take a longer period for me to return, else I’ll have no choice but to post it on social media on my suicide note as I’ll be to hard to explain to anyone that I was scammed. Pls flipkart I also request you to look into it as I have invested 30k in this website and everything is freezes and I do not have any money to eat as well , as it also concerns your name and reputation pls give a refund as soon as possible or else I’ll have no choice but to die .

How to file a complaint against F-K MALL?

* Go to page
* Write F-K MALL in company name section and write your complaint in detail
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* Get refund / replacement / damages from F-K MALL.

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