FF Amazon Philippines – Scam

Reported By: Mark oliver jimwno

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FF Amazon Philippines

They offer u good commition then u have to finish all of the orders but when ur almost finish your job they will give orders more than double of your funds and it will result into not withdraw your money pls help me get my money back

How to file a complaint against FF Amazon Philippines?

* Go to page
* Write FF Amazon Philippines in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from FF Amazon Philippines.

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  1. Same Here. Somebody offered me this kind of less hassle job. Since I need money, I grabbed the opportunity. At first, you I started the smallest amount that you need to deposit so that you can do the task which is 100 pesos. after completing the tasks, I was able to withdraw 174 pesos. After that, I tried the next level which is you need to deposit 500 pesos and you need to complete 20 tasks. I was surprise because in every tasks, the amount gets higher like if you have 500 deposit on your account and the task cost 600, so you need to deposit again 100 pesos to make your account 600 and procees with the task. On my level I need to complete 20 tasks. In my 19th tasks, the amoun,t of the tasks cost 7,015 ang may account is like 2751. I tried to withdraw but it says that I cannot withdraw my money unless, I completed all the tasks. I am afraid that if I am going to deposit 7015, I doubted. I ask the manager who helped me online to just refund the money but they keep on telling me to finish the tasks.

    1. Same here, recharge 70k plus but cannot withdraw the money. Is anyone here had there refund after submitting a complain?

  2. mine also i have to complete the task before i can withdraw my money.. one task away but i cannot finish because the money they want me to pay the order is 33,000 where should i find that money?? i want all my money back even the task is jot yet finish.

  3. I was recruited by whats up# +639659541270 for a commission based job and was informed that i only need to load 100 to get 172, 500 to get 720 and 2000 to get 4500.I was referred to a mentor via whats up# +9670183005 I loaded 100, completed 10 task/order and got 172. Then i was instructed to upgrade ang load 500 and was give 20 order/tasks. When I reached 7/20 task I got an error on my task and i need to load 298 to proceed with the task. I loaded. The when I reached 10/20 I was asked to load 1274.49 to proceed. So I loaded again. When I reached 15/20, I was then asked to load 5644.38 then reached 18/20 I was instructed to load 14570. Then when reached 19/20 I was instructed to load 41463.45. This time i can no longer load as there’s no money left to load. When I asked for refund, was just told I need to load up for the amount and complete the task. I was begging for the refund as the money was intended for the enrollment of my children. Please help.

  4. Same here on level 3 from 100 to 500 to 2000 and thats when I encounter problem top up 987 before I reached half of my task and after i reached 16/30 ask to top up again 2500 which i stop already. Please take action on this AMAZON as they are representing ur name. But the manager says its legit how come its legit with all those comments.