Fini Technology – forcing to pay money but I have paid already they still asking money

Reported By: Sasikumar Sk

Contact information:
Fini Technology
19 b sowdeswari colony somanur Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

I have registered myself for working with this company having its register office at April 2019. They have given me less time and a lot of work. The guy who has enrolled me has been forcing me to make it quick and in a hurry i have enrolled. After the agreement came out, they have already made sure of my acceptance without giving me the agreement before and they have included a clause saying i have to pay 10000 in the event of me not doing work And i completed my work . The supporting staff threatened me that they will file a legal case against me for not doing the work and asked me to pay 10, 000. I requested them that i do not have that much amount and agreed to pay a final amount of 9700 on april 2019 as settlement. I have received noc clearance form from them. Since last month they have been harassing me again by making phone calls and sending sms like contempt of arbitration is resembling to disrespection and dishonoring orders of ministry of law and justice a case has been filed against you under section-420 and a registered post has been sent to your address. I have given my aadhar details. I am very much afraid. Please help me out with this issue as soon as possible.

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