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Reported By: Gomathi Sundaram

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FitX Pro Watch New Delhi
Google & you tube

I had ordered this smart watch after reading about it in the google site !! To my surprise the product was delivered thru Blue Dart Couriers!!I paid Rs3000/ cash on delivery !
As per the instructions I charged the watch and tried to download the app from Google Play Store as advised. after almost so many trials I just could not find the app “FITPRO”! for demo they had given the link as fallows After spending , rather , wasting my time ,I realise that the whole thing was a fraud!! Any way I wearing the watch for couple of day & the battery showed low power so I tried charging and to my utter shock and disgust it will not charge , ever after I let it in the mobile charger as instructed !! it says 2 hrs to charge which itself was a doubtable I thought !
Now I want to get the refund from them ! there is no contact number or any information on that ! I DO NOT WANT SEND THE WATCJH WITHOUT GETTING A GURANTEE ON THE REFUN OF VTHE MONEY !!! Lately I have been reading that just like me a lot of people have been cheated !

I want to know why does reputed courier service like BlueDart accept such packages without return contact numbers ! And why does You tube and Google encourage such FRAUDULANT & Cheating Advertisements ???
Thanks for letting me complain in detail


How to file a complaint against FitX Pro Watch?

* Go to page
* Write FitX Pro Watch in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from FitX Pro Watch.

2 thoughts on “FitX Pro Watch – FitX Pro Watch not working”

  1. Used product, I can see scratches on the sensor glass at the back of the watch,screen clarity is also not good, refund my money.

  2. Nirmala. Sharma

    I have been writing to them to cancel my order but no response and they have sent it via blue dart which I will not accept nor pay felt something was not ok when I did not fine any no or adress

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