– Defective and duplicate Product shipped, no reply

Reported By: Sagar

Contact information: Chennai

The battery shipped is defective and not charging after replacing it with the old one, also the charger shipped is not the turbo charger as shown on the website. Stop fooling the people and breaking their trust. I need my money back.

I have ordered the following and have tried calling and mailing n number of times, no one is bothering to either reply to mail mail or pick up the phone calls on the number provided on their website. The intention of these company is pretty clear to loot the people once they have money is in their bank account; they dont care about what is the quality of the product and what the customer is going through or suffering

Invoice # 2019/475.

I had ordered Moto X battery and a turbo charger for the same on 25th Jan 2019.

I need immediate call for the same to discuss and process my refund as per their 30 days policy and 6 months guarantee clause stated on their website.



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  1. I ordered too the same moto x battery and they are not giving any information wheather its coming or not . I want to cancel order but not showing option anywhere. All contact numbers are Spams.

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