Fixend Software Solution – Gross Forgery, Fraud, Misconduct, Cheating, Misrepresentation with Malafide intentions

Reported By: Dheeraj Arora

Contact information:
Fixend Software Solution

I Dheeraj Arora received a call from one lady named Ruchita Sharma on 24th May 2021 that her company (Fixend Software Solution) is providing work from home with some data entry work, wherein post filling one form, a person will get 35 rupees. She said that 650 forms need to be filled with 90% accuracy within 7 days. Her company is located in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. She only requires one id proof along with one photo and specimen signature for Registration (no cost is involved). I said fine and sent the same for their reference. Within 10 to 15 minutes, they activated my ID in their system and uploaded 650 forms for processing, and sent me an email containing the Agreement (Contract) which has a Specimen signature of mine affixed with a photo and my id proof without my knowledge and approval. Also, send one demo file that how to process the form. I made her the call and she said this is fine and you can start the work from tomorrow i.e., 25th May 2021.

While working on the forms, I noticed that the bank names mentioned in it are weird. I cross-checked with them via email and showed my doubt about the same. I also wrote that “Please confirm me at the earliest as I am continuing my work and if at any point in time I need to stop due to these weird bank names, let me know. Hope this is all genuine and nothing counterfeit.” No response received despite sending numerous reminders/follow-up emails on 26th May, 27th May, 28th May, 29th May 2021. I completed my work giving 8 hrs to 9 hrs on daily basis (started from 25th May till 31st May 2021) and informed them via email about completion. On 4th June 2021, they send me QC Report stating that 81 forms are incorrect which is below 90% accuracy, and am not eligible for salary. I responded to them seeking proper and accurate feedback which they didn’t provide. On 14th June 2021, I received a mail from one Advocate Ayush Mehta at 7:38 pm saying that FIR details on the FAKE LETTERHEAD along with challan amount 41, 980 rupees and asked me to present with my advocate in Aurangabad District Court, Maharashtra on 15th May 2021. I responded him immediately saying that “I totally deny any claim as it is a case of gross forgery, fraud, misconduct, cheating, misrepresentation cast upon me with malafide intentions. I always acted bonafide in a good faith only to see that I am being subjected to harassment and mental agony.”

Culprits are:
PR Lady – Ruchita Sharma – +91 9601127673
Helpdesk Head – Abhijeet Kulkarni – +91 9601130370
Advocate – Ayush Mehta – +91 9601130297
Project HR – Dipesh Sharma
Reviewer – Mahesh Verma

Address of this fraud company is –

Plot No 01 Beed Bypass Rd, near Bembade Hospital, Satara Deolai Parisar, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431005

I am not sure if these names which they represent are genuine.

I request you kindly to take strict action against these culprits, fraud people.

Also to bring to your notice that they have my Specimen signature along with photo and id proof, which I have a doubt can be misused in the future.

Please take necessary action against them so that no one in the future can be cheated.

Thanks, Dheeraj Arora


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