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Reported By: Niyamathulla

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Hi everyone this is regards online part time job they say recharge high amount of money so that I can earn higher commission so that y I took loan from my friends and invested money and from yesterday no 1 is responding nor executive nor customer service they say in beginning for any queries call customer service but no response from yesterday due to shortage for I kept jewellery in pawn shop coz when I get my commission then I can take back jewellery and clear the loan coz financer is creating problems near my home so plz help me with this I need my money back plz take action on this it’s humble request coz I am very poor man from middle class family there bank details is
UPI ID gnob132@ybl on Phone pe
Account number- 50100475138920 HDFC Bank linked still there are multiple transaction


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  1. I raising complaint but it’s not taking the complaint I don’t know why but plz help me to get my refund back I have raised one complaint couple months ago but no response from the complaint team company name is flip22.com below is the whatsapp number +919874603331
    And this is telegram channel executive I’d@lgh741
    Plz take action on this complaint and help me getting my refund back I will beg you