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Reported By: Nithya S

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Recently I found a Work from Home Job offer through Upwork site recently. I sent a message stating my interest through the WhatsApp number( +63 968 786 9840) there. One named Gabriella responded. She explained about this Online job done under Flipkart name to increase Merchant’s business. It’s like i grab orders and confirm and a commission is added. I questioned her, how merchant business will increase if I simply grab orders. She replied that it’ll automatically increase if we keep doing this. Then she said one merchant will guide me through Telegram for further business. This is merchant’s id – @flipkartw1. I said I’m interested in investing 1000 rupees. But the task given to me asked to grab 18 orders. For nearly 17 orders alone, i recharged for ₹20,000. The next amount i was supposed to recharge was ₹16,000. In that rate, it’ll be even 1lac to recharge while i complete 18 tasks.

I got tensed and stressed with the amount quoted for recharge. So I asked merchant to stop this and help me get back my recharged amounts alone, no need for any commission. But merchant denied doing it and said ou after completing 18 tasks, I’ll be able to withdraw. I nearly begged to clear me out of this situation, stating i don’t have any money. I did the same to Gabriella but she stopped responding midway.

I don’t know, if I’ll be able to get my money back. But if it’s retrieved, I’ll be really grateful to whomever helps me in this.

Sharing just to make people reading this to be aware, before investing to avoid falling for such scams.

How to file a complaint against Flipkart?

* Go to page
* Write Flipkart in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Flipkart.

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  1. I am a part-time woker in flipkart.they cheet me.. I lose my 22000 in grabing. I am a kidney pertient I have no cash for completing. Pls respon for this comment.. I sy so many times to the customer care but no respons they cheetting me. (+639121725246)
    Pls help me to refund this

  2. Badaruddin Mohammed

    Same thing happened with me, while reading, I thought it was written by ne, not even a single difference with me, contact ne on 9346061829 if you get any solutions. I’ve lost 22,500 rupees in just a day.
    God save us from these scams…