Flipkart333.com – They are eating pour money!!!

Reported By: Anonymous

Contact information:
flipkart333.com Bangalore

don’t fall for this shit people.

Received a text and then when validate A lady reached out to me Akanksha Singh –
+55 35 8894-9523

Then whatsapp all the information about this scheme

Asked me to reach out to the below mentor with fake name and she will teach you how the tasks are assigned and how to recharge and they keep assigning you tasks and take your money until they reach their deadline 2.5 lac 2 lac or even more if you are willing


Once that was done was asked to learn the process of investment.

I did despite of knowing it wasn’t right as I was in dire need of money
Telegram is the app needed for them where they don’t show any names or phone numbers

This is another supervisor who will help people withdraw the money.

They claim that they will give you money but they won’t they will also say this as I had made close to 752000 they will ask the below information

According to the documents of the Indian Revenue Service, If the withdrawal amount is greater than 200,000 then you need to pay 25% tax. This tax cannot be deducted from the withdrawal amount and only can be paid through the platform recharge. After the payment is completed, the financial department will transfer the funds to the bank card you provided.

You need to recharge and then send them the confirmation and then they will take that money and Don’t do any jazz


How to file a complaint against flipkart333.com?

* Go to page
* Write flipkart333.com in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from flipkart333.com.

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