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Reported By: Lokesh sharma

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Flipkart567.com Bangaluru, Karnataka

A lady messaged me with the mobile number 7099717529 it’s an order grabbing website. You have to invest 100 rs for vip1 mission and get 172rs commission on this which we can withdraw. So I asked her why you give me this much profit then she told me it’s only increasing company sale and rating. So I invested money and then they give me 172 rs withdrawal. After that she told me that you are eligible for vip2 mission you have to increase investment amount. So increase 500 rs. she told me that you have to complete 20 orders for this task. So I agreed with her and started doing task. After completing 6 orders it’s showing insufficient balance coz the amount of the product is higher then the amount in my Flipkart account so she told to top-up again of 250 rs. And the same thing happened with my friend. He was doing the task of vip1 which requires 100rs only. But after 3 orders successfully done the product gets higher amount that means he had to top-up again and again for completing each orders . Total order was 10 but after 3 order he top-up of 283rs then it came to 5 order again it showed like insufficient balance so it goes on the same n she is telling to increase the amount he almost invested 850 then 2620 and after doing this she is telling to top-up of 7717rs to complete the task. This situation is only in vip1,100 rs task n it goes upto 10500+ so it’s a fraud case plss don’t invest in this type of scam. I request you to refund my money back and my friends too. Plss take some action against this scammers

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  1. Same here today i hav spent more than lakh for topping up in order to reach the 20 task task they kept asking me to top u..i hav borrowed all the money from my friends now they asked me to topup 75k in order to finished the task so that i can withdrw immediately…plz..🙏🙏help me out i want my money back😭😭i am so much in tension now😭😭

  2. I got a message frm a lady. She asked me to invest in flipkart rs100 and get rs170. She said it is a work from home by flipkart. Now the website askes to recharge more slowly it reached to rs 6000 and now I ready had invested recharged with 16000 plus . I want my money back. My contact no. 9772376448.