FLIPKshop.Com – Fraud & Scamming of money

Reported By: Diana Tungdim

Contact information:
@FLIPKshop.comhttps:// flipkshop.com/index/rot_order/index.html

I was searching for part-time job online. I wanted to earn some pocket money while I study. Then this company contacted me here’s there watsapp number +91 95479 32448 and their telegram @FLIPKshop . First I ask this guy, “are there gonna be any investment? ” He said “No”. Then he sent me a link and ask me to register then they ask me to recharge my account fund to start working and then I recharge with ₹100 and then they gave me task and ask me to pay another ₹398 to complete my task, then I can withdraw my funds. Then I paid the amount and then I can’t withdraw, I contact them and they said I was given 10 task and I have to complete all that to be able to withdraw my money. I make me pay 100+398+195+568 and then the amount to be paid reach 3000 and this time I pleaded them to give me back my money and I’ll be quitting. They said they cannot do the settlements halfway. I got confused, look up online and realize that they are fraud 😭😭 please help me get my money back🙏🙏

How to file a complaint against FLIPKshop.Com?

* Go to page
* Write FLIPKshop.Com in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from FLIPKshop.Com.

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