Flipkshop.com or Flagstaff mall mission – getting the money

Reported By: Praislyn Luxza R

Contact information:
Flipkshop.com or Flagstaff mall mission Madurai
+91 8105583319

They told me to complete tasks by investing money. First two task were easy but when coming to the third task they asked me to invest more money that I have invested nearly 3000.If I ask it back they ask me to complete the task. So I request u to please help me in getting back the money.

He told that his name was Jimmy recruiter in Flagstaff mall. He told that they have 2DLF centres in New Delhi ,But refused to share the website of the company. I pleaded for the refund but he refused. I was first guided by Santhosh Singh and he handed me to this Jimmy. Please help me in getting my money back please. I thought of earning it for my college fees but I lost my money. They told that their company was legitimate…but I don’t think so, the keep on grabbing money instead of giving a withdrawal.

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