Flipkshop Tesco mall companies – Tesco mall company fraud of 170000 Be aware

Reported By: Siddharth Kumar

Contact information:
Flipkshop Tesco mall companies Mumbai
https:// flipkshop.com/index/user/login.html

At first i got a message from +923411384139 talking about a part time job making 500-1500 rupees daily. I was in need of 3000 rupees so i messaged the linked phone number which was +923411384139 who asked me to login to an account which they claimed to be Tesco mall user registration link. Then they asked for my username because then only they could assign me the job. Soon after i registered the account in that link showed 60 rupees. Then i was asked to recharge for 100 rupees to start. Soon after i did that they changed from whatsapp to their telegram channel. After completed the first task as he asked me to an amount of 240 was credited into my account. I was very happy. Then he asked me to contact the tutor via the link he shared the name of that tutor is Emily from Hong kong here is the user id and Hong kong no. id: – @Emily68868 number:- +85297100386He asked me to send the screenshot of the money I received and I did. Then he told me that I could do two more tasks and become a regular. I was given a list that started f4om recharging 500. So I recharged that. Then I was given 3 orders to complete after. But during the 3rd order, I was asked to pay another 129 to complete the order. I asked him and he said it was needed to complete my order. After completing the 3 orders contacted him and my bank account was credited with a total of 848 including the commission. I was on cloud nine for making that much money for the first time in life and wanted to make more. So asked about the 3rd task. The options he gave me started from 1500 rupees and getting a commission of 900. It felt safe so I chose that but it contained 15 orders. I completed my 14 order by paying 50000 and then it’s asked for another 50000. I asked them to cancel my order but they said all orders are randomly allocated so i ask for their website helpline but helpline doesn’t works she said that after completing all task u can withdraw all your money i did not take risk and i research a lot and found that website is fraud my 50k went in a air in just one day it’s my 2years of saving which went in 2days so i suggest u to be aware of it and don’t go for any quick money making process now no one is replying from that company it’s totally fraud company. Specially be aware from that number and telegram user i mentioned in up.

How to file a complaint against Flipkshop Tesco mall companies?

* Go to page
* Write Flipkshop Tesco mall companies in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Flipkshop Tesco mall companies.

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