Fortech Megastructures Pvt. Ltd – Fraudulent activities

Fortech Megastructures Directors Mr. Salim Seth & Mr. Ahmer Rizvi both have created company just to grab the money of innocent people’s.
Earlier they have launched plots in sector 88, bhiwadi. Neither they have land nor licence. Almost 10 crore rupees they grabbed from market on the name of that project. Innocent people’s are waiting from last two years in a hope that they will get plots.
Now they have launched a project on the name of The Empress Greens in sector 134, bhiwadi with the same intention to fraud the peoples.
They are selling this project with the help of their own broking firm’s Reality care, Right Investments & Golden Gates.
I request all peoples who had invested their hard earned money with these frauds person to come together & take legal actions jointly. Because no-one can be strong individual & his complaint will not be entertained by Govt. Department.
Please share ur details at [email protected] Name Mobile no.
Invested amount
We all will get our money back & these fraud peoples will be behind bars.

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  1. I have also been made fool of them. I had booked plot size 150sq yds and paid Rs.4Lakh through Chq, in July2013 but got the receipt after one year. In order to get our money back we can initiate criminal proceedings against them. If you people agree, we can make a joint representation before the concerned Authorities/Police Officials.

  2. I had also booked on plot 200 sq yards and paid 4 lacs .We should file complaint in Consumer forum jointly.

  3. i have also booked a flate in Impress green, sec-134, Bhiwadi, in Jauary2014, through Realty care
    Now we want to cancel the booking and asking for refund but Now they are not responding to us. they do not showing any interested to refund our money. that person Mr. Verma VP is froud

    Sohan Lal -9811406057

  4. Dear all,

    I have also invested for a plot in Bhiwadi Sector 88 by paying an advance amount of INR 3 Lacs , from company M/s Fortech Megastructure limited and Mr Rinkesh (current owner of Rainbow realty consulting) has been implemental in selling this plot to us, i would like to launch a FIR against them and need your support as we are not receiving any input from their end and not sure whether they will pay our money back, but its our right to get it back by taking support of law of India as they have forged us by fraudelent activities and we need to take immediate action, please respond back to this forum so that we can launch FIR against this fraudelent company.

  5. kindly connect with me as we might have a comman issue with fortech pertaining to booking in their plots Regards RAJENDER KUMAR CELL. 9818668517

  6. I also invested in their project in Sector 88, Bhiwadi. My brother invested in their flat project. kindly keep me updated about any development. 9871664443

  7. Amit Kumar Garg

    Dear All, approx 2 years before we have invested Rs 4 Lacs 150 Sq yard.
    we are 8 active members those are chasing with Fortech i ILD Gurgaon with VP marketing.
    we have also discussed with Mr saleem , he Has assurance us he will return back our money with intrest .
    but still after 35 days not any responce .
    if any body want join us contacts us at mob no Mr Sumit:- 9555569257
    amit 9711809589


    1. Dear all , i am one of the victim and my hard earned 4 lac is with them without any receipt. Despite many follow up not able to do anything. i am with you all please consider. my mobile no. is 09251080836 and email is [email protected]

  8. i Have not been able to get recepit or any details of my 10 lakh rupees against 150 sqrds plot booked in Bhwadi Throw Right Investment. .But this time All Member’s Mobile .No- is out Of Services . and office r cloced . plz help any body how can we solve this matter .. contact me..9313016944.

  9. Jagatjeet singh

    I have not been able to get receipt or any details of my four lakh rupees against 150 sq yards plot booked in bhi wadi thru reality care despite numerous follow up

  10. I have invested Rs 4Lacs in 150 Sq Yard Land plot in Bhiwadi sec 88, thru call for realty . but still not getting any response. Cheque was SBI bank was on dated 11/21 March 2013. in favour of name fortech megastructre pvt ltd Receipts was done by Call for realty agent .Mr sukhbir 8800176333 Regards Amit Garg 9711809589.