Fraud online company, Supply of Royal Canin Adult Maxi Pet Food – Non supply and non refund of payment

Fraud online company, Supply of Royal Canin Adult Maxi Pet Food Reviews & Complaints

Reported By: Nirmal Kumar Valecha

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Fraud online company, Supply of Royal Canin Adult Maxi Pet Food

I have placed order no 1043 dated 13.10.2017 for Royal Canin Maxi adult bag of 15 kgs. this is my 3rd order. But this time till date I have not received my order and my pet is going without Royal Canin food. He has developed lose motions and vomits daily. When I asked on phone, a lady replies that due to system failures the order was not executed. This happened twice, On mail they replied that the order will be executed soon. Still the order could not be delivered and I was prepared for complain to police, because the site was completely suspended. To this Rinku shah replied that the order could be supplied only after 30th, reason was not expressed. Then she said that 4 kg can be supplied, this also, she said that before 30th she cant supply. So I asked for refund of Rs 5619, the payment made online. she took the bank details on 28th saturday and decided to refund with remark “she will keep updated”. Then she said that the refund would be made on Monday as the bank opens. All Monday I kept chasing her but till Evening no refund was made. Its Food for pet and 17 days delay is unreasonable without communicating. Now she is not replying to my calls, nor she is sending any messages on whatsapp. BUT she is reading all my messages immediately. I have all her recordings. This makes the things worst and her intentions are to eat away the money and like me I dont know how many are suffering and losers of payment. This implies that this site is just a fraud with an intention to gulp the money of all one day and disappear. This is the trend these days. I am putting all this matter on various sites and crime branch so that people are aware about such fraudulent sites. I shall not be blamed for any loss to the business of which Rinku Shah is the only representative. I am going ahead, I had warned Rinku Shah for the same. The site has charged me for supply of goods and if she does not the she has to refund and immediately
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