fraudulent and fake profile in the name of GIREESH KUMAR

We hereby bring to your notice a fraudulent and fake profile in the name of GIREESH KUMAR

son of PN Mohan & Geetha Mohan in a reputed wedding site Bharat Matrimonial and also many

other social sites such as Linked in etc.

We have had a very bad experience with him & his family through this matrimonial site where

he highlighted or rather faked his education background as B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

from Jyothi Engg college Trissur ,Kerala. But After educational and background

verification it was found that he was not at all a student of the mentioned engineering

college. From the relatives and neighborhood in Kerala we got to know that he was just a

12th pass (no evidence against this even) and also had some criminal records against him.

He has one elder brother who is married and has a 3 year old kid and on the verge of

getting divorce and the reason was domestic violence by her in laws back in Bahrain because

of which she had to move to Kerala with the kid.

They don’t have even a single piece of property in India (Pattanamthitta, Kalanjoor) and

boasted that they are in process of buying a property near guruvayoor but the fact is that

they sold all their property to save their business in Bahrain inspite of which the

business is not a success and running into loss. He has casted himself as Manager of his

own company Ultra NDT in Bahrain which is not a big deal.

Now if you guys check his profile you will see a different educational background saying

that he has done his Engineering from Delhi and also did his MBA from IGNOU. We have

captured the evidences of this and attaching the same along with this Compaint.

Those you are reading this please don’t blindly fall for the profiles posted on the

matrimony site as they are not being verified or validated by the site authorities.

Please do a complete research on the person before hand to avoid getting trapped by such

fraud people.

Request Bharat Matrimony staffs to verify alteast the educational background before

accepting such profile registration.

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  1. Dear Matrimoney team ..
    You people have to investigate and take necessary steps .. This girl was Deepti Venugopal (fraud ) now married to Jayanth Pillai , she was born and brought up in Nasik , Venugopal is her father and jayanthi Venugopal is her mother ..
    The alliance with gireesh and Deepthi has broken because of some pics only ..
    Any one wishes to watch that pics and videos can reply to this comment ..
    It’s been 3 years since we are requesting to remove this post, but not yet Removed…

    Thanks and regards
    bitch Nasik

  2. Dear Sir / Madam,

    We regret for the inconvenience and we sincerely apologize for the delayed reply. Also we updated the comments for the same complaint posted in other website.

    Also this is to confirm that the profile ID E2187678 was deleted from the database.

    Please revert to [email protected] for any help, anytime