Funki Orange Technologies – Harassing & insulting during the interview session

I went for the interview in this company dated 18.2.2014 . During the interview i was very uncomfortable because the person who was interviewing me was highly egoistic & high headed moron . He was more concerned in insulting me rather than concentrating on taking the interview .
He was making fun of my Graphic Designing profile . He also was speaking in a very rude & awkward manner . The company also seems a fraud .
below is the contact number of HR (Sarika Tyagi)


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  1. Funki Technologies is one the company where I was interviewed and learnt so many points for my next interviews. It was really a helpful n mentoring type of discussion. I could not say negative point except I was offered tea/coffee but I was hesitant that time. Remeber that you are going to sell your skills and don’t be emotional in interview.

    1. I am not the person who is concerned about taking tea/coffee.
      The complaint is regarding my insult.
      It was purely Unethical and unprofessional.
      They were the ones who contacted me for the interview.
      Your opinion is different because you are a lady and they would not dare harass a lady in office.