Future Group (Big Bazaar, E Zone) – Future Group offers are FRAUD, CHEAT

(Just a note before you read my complete story)

To Dear CONSUMERS – here is a small OBVIOUS MESSAGE that you can expect from me now in the form of ATTRACTIVE GIFT – “PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T SHOP AT ANY OF THESE FRAUD FUTURE GROUP OUTLETS TO AVOID GETTING CHEATED AND SPENDING YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY”, and please do help me raise voice for all the cheating the Organization does by reading below and posting your comments.

Date: 11/1/2009

I had been to Big Bazaar outlet in Double Road, Bangalore for general monthly shopping this sunday, after a purchase of Rs. 3412.25 (Cash Memo # T13/32316), the Customer Service Department offered me a booklet(Sr No. S 146154) mentioning “THE GREAT INDIAN SHOPPING FESTIVAL” with 6 stickers of Rs500 and suggested to redeem them for ATTRACTIVE GIFTS(mentioned in the very same booklet) at Future Group store in Brand Factory outlet in Hosur Road(near Lakkasandra area). I reached there with my redeeming booklet happily to collect my so called – ATTRACTIVE GIFT to 3rd floor Cash counter(there are just 2 lifts which were jam packed with little kids, old people waiting to get into the lifts, so for the courtesy of the infants and old ones i went walking up the stairs to 3rd floor), there was a huge crowd lining up, sweating and frustrated CUSTOMERS due to terrible response by the representatives at the cash counter in 3rd floor. Right next to the cash counter, there was a 2 ft x 6 ft HUGE BANNER mentioning that there are various other Future Group Redeeming outlets(i don’t remember all the outlet names) where the GIFTS can be collected which also mentioned EZONE RAJAJINAGAR. Due to above mentioned sad experience at this Brand Factory outlet, i dragged myself out walking down the stairs, planning to redeem my STILL ATTRACTIVE GIFT at EZone Rajajinagar as it is close to my house.

After dropping family at my home, i reached E Zone Rajajinagar to collect my GIFT – HERE IS WHERE I SAW SOME MORE FUTURE GROUP EXCITEMENT… the cash counter rep mentioned that EZONE Rajajinagar is NOT A REDEEMING CENTER…[by this time i realized that its NO MORE MY ATTRACTIVE GIFT.. 🙁 ] as an argument started between me and the rep there, i decided to raise a complaint where in i was redirected to Customer Care division out there. Even the Customer care rep started arguing that EZone is not a redeeming center as i mentioned all my above story of where i shopped and tried to redeem. Since the guys there were still not ready to accept my see of EZone mention in the 2FT x 6FT HUGE BANNERS as a redeeming center, i decided to talk to the manager of EZone, they asked me to wait for him, after blunt sitting in front of a orange colored wall, in JUST 15 MINUTES arrived the great Manager Mr. Masood Ahamed NR – Dept Manager – Experience Zone (in fact thought, its to be renamed as BAD EXPERIENCE ZONE by now). I politely introduced myself to this guy and explained all the FUSS that has been happening with FUTURE GROUP’s “THE GREAT INDIAN SHOPPING FESTIVAL” with my (not yet) ATTRACTIVE GIFT. After a long discussion, annoyingly, He was DAMN CONFIDENT to say that E ZONE- R’nagar is NOT AT ALL A REDEEMING CENTER. I was honest enough to accept it and requested for a written statement of the same, he was shaken up and mentioned that the being a Manager, he DOES NOT have RIGHTS give written statement(by now i realized that he and all this FUTURE GROUP SALE GIMICS is CHEAT, FRAUD, CRAP.. in fact bullshit), then I asked him to call up the Future Group store in Brand Factory outlet in Hosur Road and ask if there was a mention of it or NOT… i just needed a YES/NO answer, he called up Customer Care spoke to him and connected me to Mr. Ankur(Emp ID – 61408) to confirm the same. Here is THE BRAND EXCITING statement he made – Dear Sir, due to Lorry strikes there is no stock of the GIFTS and we would like you to redeem it tomorrow morning. I re-iterated my question, Mr. Ankur – my interest on YOUR ATTRACTIVE GIFT is LOST by now, can you please tell me and the Manager of EZone that there is a mention of Ezone – R’nagar as a REDEEMING CENTE in your 3rd floor cash counter 2FT x 6FT HUGE BANNER.. guess what’s his answer, YES SIR IT IS!!! but THE BANNER HAS BEEN REMOVED NOW because we have decided EZone is no more a redeeming Center NOW… i was like.. “from when???” – he said from TODAY NOON sir… (I was taken away by knowing that my availability at now EZONE made it be DE-LISTED from the Redeeming Center’s List).

Now just before that I DECIDED TO WALK OUT after seeing HUGE DRAMA at FUTURE GROUP outlets, i took a deep breath and THANKED Mr. Manager of EZone and customer care guys for there their WONDERFUL “CUSTOMER CARELESS” behavior about “FUTURE-LESS GROUP’s” – “THE GREAT INDIAN SHOPPING FESTIVAL OFFER”

Last hard feeling about the name Future Group used for the sale gimic “the great INDIAN festival offer”… PLEASE don’t ruin Indian shopping offers psychologically – its nothing to do with my/our country India, its all to DO WITH “THE GREAT FUTURE-LESS GROUP FESTIVAL OFFER with CRAP CUSTOMER CARELESS EXPERIENCE” – DO RENAME IT.

Note: To the OFFICIAL COMPLAINT INCHARGE – Please take action against this group and save all Indian consumers from harassed. Please mail me for any more information/details that can help you GO TAKE LEGAL ACTION.

Mahesh Prasad

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  1. Subramanya Bhatt

    Totally aggree with all of you.
    These people are not only cheating they are neglecting customers like anything.

    My experience: I went to BigBazaar hebbal today (06May2010). After little shoping in the ground floor I steped into lift to go to 2nd floor to continue my shoping. Nightmare, lift got stuck and no one to help! To the hight of unfortunity I took my family also with me that day. My wife and a 8month old daughter were with me.

    Once I realized that lift is stuck, I pressed the alarm button in panic hoping someone will rescue me. I kept on pressing alarm for about 15mins without any answer from any side.

    I tried to open the lift door myself, It got opened a little, this is the time BigBazaar employees could see us. I was making noise from inside. But, no once seemed cared about. I kept on shouting and felt like I am shouting in the midst of thick forest.

    Fortunately another customer listened to me and he opened from outside so that we could come out. After I came out I wanted to see the floor manager, so that I can complain about this and ask him to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

    Initially no one was even listening what I was experiencing. after a long and loud shoutings, Mr.Sahan Hegde came introducing as the floor manager. Instead of sorry, he was trying to explain his problem.

    Boss, I am not there to solve his problems. I am there to shop for my convenience. And BigBazaar should take care of their customers in their premises. Its their responsibility.

    He is not ready to take this as a complaint. There is no procedure of taking customer complaint.

    This inconvenience meant nothing to all employees in the floor and were looking at me as if I am making unnecessory noise.

    Feature Group is futureless group as some one said it right. This group does’n even have customer feedback process in place. They are not running business as a corporate. Better buy from your next door store than going to these careless people.

    Subramanya Bhatt

  2. zeba jaffer abidi

    Subject: HOMETOWN SAHARAGANG LKO- Customer Service.
    As per your reply dated 23 august 2010, sending you the reasons why I am not interested to deal with you. I am so surprised that you have only singal piece of refrigerator same model and u have to rejected other customer’s demand for the same. For your kind information The agreement between us is null and void due to incomplete commitment from your side.
    1. Due to order cancellation –refund my money.
    2. Mentally tortured by the behavior of Home Town staff(Mr mr tomar of electronic Section and Mr chaturvedi Executive : HOMETOWN SAHARAGANG LKO cust .care ).
    3. Order cancellation with the reason in complaint book registered by me.next morning on 17.8.2010as well as through e-mail to given address by hometown lko.i.efeedback @Home-Solutions.co.in also on 18.8.2010.
    4. As per your norms I have not received that product within a timeframe that will be understood that my order was rejected due to my complaint.
    5. That the choices mean Customer satisfaction not of yours.
    Please send the product as per my choice within twenty four hrs, otherwise refund my money immediately.

    11/100 INDIRANAGARLKO-16
    Mob: 09450359031, 09839131255

  3. Not delivering products after months – Ezone , 100 ft Road ,Bangalore

    I booked my LG 250 Lt Ref. last months. I have not received it till today.
    They took all money in advance..
    Big cheaters… Dont puerchase anything from Ezone.
    They operate on customers money.

  4. Go to Consumer court, you will get 100% money back. And further make sure that don’t purchase any thing from E-Zone, pass this message to all your friends, so that at least they will be safe from this kind of cheating. Even some time they will increase the MRP and give discount on MRP (Wrong MRP).

    They will win the Biggest CHEATER AWARD.