Future Step Consulting Pvt.Ltd. – Fraud Company

I am very disgusted to tell that, unfortunately I joined future step consulting group for part time commercial offline typing job. Chronologically I am explaining the events: 26th April : I signed an agreement with that group regarding the above by submitting Rs.3500 as advance security, supposed to be refundable after 6 months. 03rd May : I got a welcome letter & was assigned 1st commercial offline typing job. 29th May : I sent the complete job. 4 th June : They sent a so called correction statement in which no proper correction was mentioned that shows 90 % correctness with no measurable mistakes shown. Same day I asked for proper details which they never sent. 5th Jun : They released the payment of Rs. 800 (promised was Rs.40 per page & given was Rs.5 per page) only which was not at all justified. After this I never got any communication nor I got any work from their side. Like other part time home job providers they are fooling innocent people who want to spare their extra time to earn. But I shall not keep quiet. I am having all proofs regarding my complaint. I am lodging a complaint against them at this site. If it doesn’t work I shall take a legal action against it. As per the agreement they had to provide work for continuous 11 months.

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  1. I have read all the comments. Guys, ultimately whats d result. Have u proved whether Future Step Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is a fraud company or not?
    Do let me know.

  2. Hi Guys I was also searching about this company. In the mean time, came to know about this fraud. But I am shocked you guys are waiting for what. Complaint to Delhi Police Cyber Wing, Economic Wing, & MCA Govt of Indai, ROC, or finally media people, so that stringent action can be taken against them.

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  4. This another type of scam. They will provide the target that you can’t complete in time (off line work also giving 12 hrs only) You can’t do more that fixed time of 12 hrs. and if you do not submit the target within time frame they will cancel the agreement and take our deposit money. Legally they are saying that you have not submitted the completed work on time.

    So don’t Jump in to this trap.

    (pls don’t disclose my email id)

  5. Hi!!

    We are working on Future Step Consulting project about 5 months. It’s a Pawn Shop Form Filling project and also we incurred on 5 seats. We signed an agreement and everything they told or mentioned in an agreement papers and morally we asked everything before going ahead. I do understand people who are raising there voice and blaming because of not get paid and got terminated but for sure I must say issues rised with those people due to mistakes of their end. If you dream for big money then for sure you must deliever the quality.

    Guys, tell me one thing if I am not wrong as per my signed an agreement with that company or anyone then who has power to stop the payment or work in any manner. If I be on your shoes then I must adopt to take further steps. However if I didn’t stand right as per my agreement and commitment then I might try to create the rumor as per the human mentality.

    We are running a project in Udaipur and has not as such issues with them. We got paid as per our work and also they provided detailed quality audit report whereas I check my mistakes which I made or make. It’s simply clear.

    I am not hear to support anyone either Future Step Consulting or with certain rumors people. However I must say their support is good. As far as concern with business relationship, we found them business professionals but they did once beyond the agreement terms. We have allowed with one time rework in an agreement we utilized it in the first month and by chance our 4 month performance also falled below in rework. So, they taken the approval and given the chance of rework again for that month workload.

    So, guys think about it and deeply think if someone if doing wrong in the market is that be possible to stay on same address more than a one and half years. Earlier they were in the same area and visited that too before going further.

    1. I am also cheated by Future Step Consulting Pvt. Ltd. recently. I have more than 20 years of experience in typing job and having good & accurate speed. They rejected my whole assignment with NO REASON. They sent me quality audit report which is unjustified and also they blocked my user ID. I paid them 6000 for Gold Plan and I get nothing for the work done. I lost total approx. Rs.30,000 (6000 for security + 25000 for work).

      Out of 28 comments from different people, only 2 are positive. It means they are cheated almost all people. A legal action must be taken against them.

  6. Thanks to ol aaplogo ka suggestion ne mujhe bacha liya, maine v join karne ka socha tha,bt ab nai karunga, agar enke against koi action lena hai toh jarur le, mai v sath hu 7654703229

  7. Hi!! It’s a good experience to work with Future Step Consulting Private Limited. I am working on Diamond Plan from past 3 months continously i am getting worload, quality report and payment on time. I don’t know the reason why they are blaming over here.

    I am college student and initally it was hard to trust anyone. However I am satisfied with my result and payment structure. Thanks to Future Step Consulting

    1. Neharika can you help me out for this bussiness..
      please contact me on –9167313170.

      i need a suggestion.

    2. Hi, Neharika
      I am also intersted in this work but to see the more complaines i am worrried could you suggess me, what i will do.

  8. it was a very bad experience yr itni ghatiya company maine aaj tak nahi dekhi…
    i submitted my work to them and after 8-10 working days they said that your work has been rejected due to n number of mistakes in the document….( in actual there were no mistakes…according to their typing instructions.)
    totally fraud bhul kar bhi koi isme invest na kare….

  9. Unfortunately i also joined this company. I took Diamond plan form filling project. Data is fake & useless. given information is not correct. Staff was not helpful. I fail to understand how kamini kashyap has been doing this. As per the terms & conditions you cant complete this in given time. I can bet nobody can do this.

    Future step company is fraud company, It was not a good experience.

    Why does god allow bad things to happen.

  10. Kamini Kashyap

    I am Kamini From Delhi. I am housewife and I am working on Diamond Plan Form Filling Project. I have been working from past 3 months. Till now no as such problem has been raised. I got paid according to the accuracy as mentioned in an agreement. I don’t agree about the negative post.

  11. Make a Complaint with Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, New Delhi. VIsit mca.gov.in against this Company.

  12. Gaurav 09012082042

    Pls cntct me, me bhi phsa hua hu in fraud logo k chkkr me, Futurestep consulting pvt ltd is really a fraud company,,,,,,cntct me 09012082042

  13. chad jao bhai sare

    yha almost 10-15 log hongey
    yhi ek group bna lo, ek dusre se contct krke sare ek sath paunch jao office uska baap b paise dega

  14. Future step consulting pvt ltd is a fraud company.
    There are so big Cheaters.They Loot your money.
    There Owner Raj,and Amit verma both belong to noida, and both are fraud, there recepyionist KANIKA CHATWAL she is also fraud,they cheated your by giving fraud data entry wok, they seal your security money.
    i am also paid 40000 to them, and more than 40000 expand in my office for working on there work.but in the end we get only nothing.
    they are big cheaters, dont believe on them
    This company promise to pay money for home based job but it do nothing like this. They take completed work from your side and don’t pay a single rupee for your work. They are cheating the people.
    So be aware of this company and don’t go to this company Future step consulting pvt ltd, Laxmi Nagar, new Delhi.

    they give you software which snapshot i am already attached.

    there logo is also mentiond

    please friend dont believe on them for sake of your goodness



  15. same kind of problem but mera kaam ka koi paisa nahi diya mera sara kaam unhone reject ker diya or sirf bus 2 mistake hi bataee …… ab main kya keru please tell me what i do………..

    1. vaishali pokhriyal

      hi…. i am ashok agarwal bhai mere sath bi kch aisa hi hua hai ap please mjhse contact kare taki hum inke against kuch kar ske……
      please sent me your contact

      1. chad jao sare ek din group bna ke. yhi decide kr lo date and time,

        uska baap b paise dega, agar sb ek sath gye to, jst be united, ek dusre se no.share kr lo ek din ka time nikal k paunch jao group me. bhai uska baap b paise dega

    2. vaishali pokhriyal

      hello sir
      i m vaishali from delhi sir please give me ur cell no. i wnt to talk u because this company cheat to me
      so please help me and i want something against this company……
      please sir u me ur no. than i call u and tell u something please

      sir please help kijiyega