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Reported By: sekhar A

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Gadgets360 /iPhone 6s

Hi my name is Rajashekar Reddy , I ordered an iPhone 6s 64 gb through Gadgets360 online shopping website(seller name is Fizmos, New Delhi. My order ID is

I ordered it on 27th July by paying my hard-earned money(Actually its a b’day gift but these guys made it worst experience) , I received it after 6 days which is worst part, when I opened the mobile I was shocked by checking the camera which is not working straight away I called customer care they spoke to me like I have to call to the seller, I did call to the seller he asked me to send all the details like invoice n IMEI no etc, I sent as requested details, I called him again he agreed tat its a defective piece he asked me to send the phone to his address, I enquired through blue dart for shipping, they said they charge 3k plus for shipping to New Delhi , then I decided to send it through Gadgets360 because (as per their easy returns policy they should come n pick up the product) as I was busy I asked my wife to call these guys so she called to the customer care n asked for the picking up the product, firstly Tat guy not even agreed for replacement n refund, tat guy was not even listening properly , and saying like we don’t replace and refund , he took almost one hour to finish the call, he even does not have any manners how to speak with woman (we have got the call record), moreover he was literally did harass her.

After that we called too many times to seller and customer care, its been ours daily routine which is pathetic , finally seller saying tat gadets360 ppl agreed for the product pick up, reverse pick up was done on Aug 10th, after calling customer care again n again those guys asked for the reverse pick up slip on Aug 16th (again worst customer service). I mailed them all the details and Snapshots what they asked. After that called again about the status, but they are answering like they 48 hours every time I call, it’s been happening from the last 10 days(I don’t know how many 48 hours they need for letting me know the status), yesterday I called
them and again got the same answer , but I was not satisfied with that answer, asked them to read out their policies, that guy is saying that the seller is going to repair the same mobile n give it to me, how could he that, as per their policies if the product is defective (actually I guess it’s not genuine product) they have to replace with the new mobile or have to refund it. But How blindly these Gadgets360 guys answering to the customers I don’t understand. It’s been almost one month they are playing me like hell.

Apart from that I forgot to write something here after receiving the product I went to Aptronix service Centre, they asked straight away like is it a genuine product, I couldn’t answer to those guys.

Finally U ppl say that how fair is this by playing with the customers,my first mistake is ordering phone here by just seeing its a NDTV related site.

Besides that Worst customer service, not genuine products, finally I got to know. I kindly request u all don’t buy any products here, these site can cheat u ppl easily.

I am totally not satisfied with the service these Gadgets360 guys giving, they lost the customer trust by cheating(for not giving proper replacement n refund as if the product is defective aswell not genuine) .

I forgot one more thing I wrote the genuine review under the product what I have bought, but these Gadgets360 guys are not showing it which one I observed, so they are misleading the customers in this way as well.

Please could you help me in this regard ASAP.

Thanks for ur patience to read it …

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