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Reported By: rajkkuummaarr

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Gaursons Realty Pvt. Ltd

There is a feeling of cheating in this project, we walked to the site of GAUR saundaryam and people from GOLDMINE were selling the flats of this project, they told us that they are authorised by gaursons. we were told that cost is included the service tax and no additional service tax will be taken. we signed the booking paper with this written condition .
Now after four months of booking, we received phone from the office of GAURSONS that additional service tax will be taken. when we asked about the written commitment in booking letter then they told that the people of GOLDMINE made FAKE COMMITMENT and gaursons does not respect any commitment by GOLDMINE.

it shows that these builders want the customer to be engaged first and they will change the commitment …it shows that if they dont respect the commitment written in booking letter…then they will do anything with the customer. such type of act gives feeling of cheating…

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