Geetha Mani – I ordered ordered combo sarees but received very very poor Quality sarees

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Geetha Mani chennai

I had Ordered combo sarees for Rs.999 from cottoncozi website and I had saw that add in youtube.we ordered them but we have received sarees of very very poor quality and someone has used them and colours are not appropriate.We got cheated and they given us their given us their invalid contact address and number.we want our money back and they are cheating many people.cottoncozi must be banned.Requesting you to take serious action and refuns our money Rs.999/- We got Delivery on 10th August 2021 around 3.10 pm and earlier when we ordered products we didn’t get any response through message or mail.On Delivery address,they provided thier provided thier details but it is invalid. 8486180316 is their contact number that is invalid.Product was shipped by fineartcenter02. The company mentionee address was fineartcenter02, Pahalwan Chowk New Delhi 110081,Delhi,NCR,110081. Which is totally fraud.Kindly take action


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