GETEK institute for training & placement – Fraud

GETEK, the institute of training & placement in thanjavur is held by KARTHIK. He is paka fraud. He wont provide the jobs to Engineers. But in website it is mentioned that jobs for Electrical & Mechanical engineer students for the post of supervisor & Trainee Engineer.. All fake, he just using the habit of getting the one month salary from us (nearly 8000 to 10000) before we entering to the company and he get a labour work and give it to us.. Once you paid the money, he wont return even 1 rupee to you. And those companies he has contact with is paka local companies though they wont give a correct salary. then if you contact him mean he just give facebook id & ask you to see that.. he added many photos in that, dont believe him after seeing those photos in her fb id. Nearly we 5 members (Engineers) were cheated by him, he didnt give the money back also. So pls friends dont believe that guy… then the information in his is to fool us.

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  1. im RAGU from thanjavur… Pls dont beleive GETEK KARTHIK. cheating fellow,
    wait i will send those photo’s, dont beleive by seeing those photos.
    puduchi avanalam jail la podanum
    vayila asigam asigama varuthu