Getholidays – holiday package with gift Laptop

Dear sir,
I have paid money Rs 11997 to this holiday company. Now they are refusing to send me gift vouchers and gifts.I paid 3 times in a single day dated 2/3/14 of Rs 3999=Rs 11997 to this get holiday company for the same packages.First Lady was call me and told me u are a lucky person and u got holiday voucher and also got del laptop and rebock bag if u are paid online or debit card .our company not a frode or bogus and sent a email about the package and gift voucher then she was call me again and again and force me to register only online.when i fill up and registerd manager Rajesh Shah asked me u registration was not properly so your code is not generated .Again i was registered again same ..then after third time i registered and again rajesh told me your registration was fail .I was not understand 11999 Rs withdrawn in my AXIS Bank debit card .AFter 3 times paid for same product Rajesh again told me to try last time to register but i refuse so he send me account no for ICICI bank when i went to bank at that time i know Rs 11997 was withdrawn in my account so i call back to Rajesh .he told me yes 3 times we was got your money but your code is not generated so deposit 3999 rs in my acccount and i sent e cheques and gift .but i told me u take one check from three cheques and sent 2 cheques and gift vouchers .he agree and told me ok i sent tommorrow ,next day when i call him i will sent u and icall again 2-3 days but then they refused me to sent money and gift voucher .he asked me within 30-40 days your money will sent by cheques .but today 45 days still i was not recieved my Money 11997 or gift

Kindly help me to get refund the amountof Rs 11997 and try to punish them

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