GetNet Broadband – internet service complaint

Dear Team,

On 2nd September, 2013 I have paid Rs. 2200=00 on account of six months’ subscription for GetNet Broadband connection to J.S. Star Cable NetWork, Mousami Apartment, Sreenagar Main Road, Kolkata-700 094 (Ph: 033-2432-7054) vide their Cash Memo No. 0062.

Unfortunately there is some continuous interruption of internet service since 9th instant. On the same day I lodged a complaint (without any number because it is the normal practice) over phone. Without finding any improve, again in the evening of the same day I reminded them over phone. After long gap their line-man visited my house on 27th instant at about 1245 p.m. In-between these period every day I used to remind them almost two time a day. However, the line-man left my room without rectifying the problem. At once I brought the fact to the above office over phone. On 28th in the evening at about 1950hrs the same line-man again visited my house. Again he left my house without rectifying the connection problem. Before his departure, he told me to manage that night even with very slow connectivity. Next day it will be rectified.

On 3oth instant at about 1945 hrs I ringed again. Someone Mr. Tarun Sen from their office blamed me that I did not allow the line-man to touch my system. Of course it was a totally false allegation against me. Finally no-body came or solved the fault till date.

I found this line-man and Mr Sen very casual attitude to their works. The line-man could not find any solution even after checking my system two times. On the other hand he talked irrelevant like getting me understand the location of their devices from where fault is being generated. He is talkative and having casual attitude. Although I allowed him two times in my house still he is very much unwanted. On the other hand this Mr. Sen sitting in the office also acts a very casual attitude. I think he is the sole responsible for not carrying out solution till date.

Particulars of Broadband are given below:

GetNet Broadband
Registered office:
56,Sreenagar Main Road,
Garia -Kolkata-700094.

Corporate Office:
Rashmi Bldg, Block EP&GP,
Saltlake, Sector-V, Kolkata-700091.

In view of above fact, please help me to get proper and prompt function of the connectivity without disturbance. You are also requested to compel them to pay/adjust appropriate compensation with penalty in terms of money for the period as stated above.

Dated, Kolkata
2nd October, 2013 With regards,
Rekha Karmakar
Email Id:

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