GINAUKRI.COM – mad***hod company career barbat kar diye

Hi, My self is gajendra singh lodhi
and I am working as a executive of Aditya Birla Group. I need your help and support to resolving this issue which I have experienced and trapped by fake agency called GINAUKRI.COM
On afternoon I was working in my office and suddenly I got a call saying that my resume is been picked from Naukri and they have a tie up with some companies they specified HUL, ITC & Tata Motors as the name of the company and assured me 100% about my job and asked me to fill the online form. I said give me the website so that I can go thru it. but they said I will initiate u to fill the form when u r in front of your pc. I said ok. Well they called me again in the evening and asked me whether i am ready to fill the form and payment of Rs.2500. I said ok. As I started filling the form step by step process was having separate process fee and as I was told in the beginning that I need to pay only Rs.1123/- but at the time of making payment Rs.3700 was reflecting on the screen and when I asked them about the differential amount then she said don’t need to worry only said amount shall be debited. I made the payment of Rs.3700/- through my credit card and I got an immediate sms on my mobile about the deduction note but she said payment is not done so you again need to make payment and she just transferred my call to other executive of working in payment department and the same thing she said that payment is not done so will you please initiate the process and when I asked her that I have already made the payment but she replied by saying this no sir we haven’t received it so please you just go further and complete the process, Thereafter I again went to payment option and while making payment I asked to make Rs.6594/- and I was shocked to see that huge amount figure so I asked to her then she again said no need to worry sir you will be debited only said amount i.e Rs.7200/- no other charges shall be deducted from you. Again after making this payment she asked what message you are getting on your PC then I said thank you for making the payment and your payment under process. he said we still haven’t received any payment at your end so please make the payment again and said no any other charges shall be debited so just make the payment now and this time i was asked to pay Rs.9700/- and this much of amount was reflection on my PC screen while making a payment then I asked to him about why every time the amounts figure get doubled and its too much amount so can you please explain then he just transferred my call to another person to his payment department by saying this he will assist me while making a payment and the same things were repeating by him also. That fellow said sir what message you are getting on your PC screen and I said thanks for making a payment and your payment are in under process. Then he said you again need to make payment because the payment is not done so will you please initiate the process again. I thought they are making me fool and they are fake guy when I asked to refund my money then he started shouting on me and said you are telling lie that higher amount is reflecting on your screen so I got completely shocked that I have trapped by some fake agency.

I was really fused and asked him you didn’t tell me all these at the beginning but she was not ready to listen to me. I said am not going to do any further transactions refund my amount. I asked where in Noida do you have your office??They said it’s not possible and disconnect the call. Good I stopped at that moment itself or else these people would have debited my whole money from account. I also contacted bank for further suggestions. they asked me to complain to the cyber crime. They should be punished.

Dear all, please go ahead and complain to the cyber crime and put this to an end. They are the fraud services offering and making fool to all innocent people . I will do all that I can not just to get my money but to put their business to an end and these peoples should be arrested as soon as possible so that all innocent peoples can be saved from getting cheated by this fraud service.

Therefore, It is my humble request to you please look into the matter and do justice with me.


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