Girlzike – Online shopping fraud

Reported By: Anu

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Girlzike online shopping in YouTube is fraud advertisement.I ordered two kurthis combo pack for Rs.699/- they didn’t send any confirmation message or anything ..And they dont have any details about cancellation of product and return and refund steps ..simply after few days a phone call from delivery agent and they delivered the product on 13 june 2021 and took the money of 750 ruppees including delivery charges in name of other online shopping applications..and there is notification in that respective app and no confirmation ,delivered message from them .Finally we people got the fake product 2nd hand already used cheap product which is torn and with dirty stains the worst product we all received from their fake notification..There is no return policy and refund for that and no chance to return the product at last ..
So please kindly take severe action against those fraud people and inform to YouTube for displaying those fake advertisements please
Thank you ..please take many people are losing their money because of these fraud agencies


How to file a complaint against Girlzike?

* Go to page
* Write Girlzike in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Girlzike.

5 thoughts on “Girlzike – Online shopping fraud”

  1. They also come under the delivery address – FASHION HOUSE from Delhi. While delivering this old man says they’re from meesho. Extreme heights of fraud
    Samina , continuing from my previous complaint

  2. I ordered a combo of two kurta and i received something else which is not at all close to it and now the site is not opening neither can i find a customer care number i dont knw what to do this is just not fare thi site should be banned

  3. Lucky Moni Nath

    I want my money back I didn’t get the one which I have ordered and there is no valid website ,app anything of these frauds.i just want my money back immediately please give me my money back and take your product that’s money are very valuable don’t hurt any one’s sentiments please return my money

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