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Reported By: Sashank Lokhande

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Glengarry Infoway

I got a whatsapp msg for back office position from this company supposedly from amazon, makemytrip and hdfc bank. When I went to the interview they conducted a interview asking me about myself and my previous job experience then gave me a offer with increment in my previous salary. After that asked me to pay 2600 rs for registration. I paid the amount in Mr. Nand Kishore Jha google pay account. They had promised to confirm the job by evening as promised I got a call in the evening and asked me to submit documents the next day. As said I went to submit my documents and take my job offer letter but to my surprise they gave me a letter saying come on a date which was 12 days after I went to the interview. I felt something wrong is happening so called 112 the police emergency number the next day. The cop mr Desai came near the office and he called Mr. Satyendra Singh who is also the partner in the company and acted as if he don’t know the owner. When I was taking the cop to the office Mr Satyendra came to us and asked what is the reason. When I said I want my refund as mentioned in the receipt he said for that I will have to write a letter and wait for 21 days. When I said there is no mention of 21 days he said it is in their policy. When I said you don’t have the company registered how you can have a policy, he said to believe him and wait until the said date. Meanwhile the cop was saying he is not responsible for retrieving my money and there are many offices and police is not responsible if some fraud happens. Then I came home and did so.e research on This company and its owners and found that Mr. Satyendra Singh and Mr. Nand Kishore Jha are responsible for such type of frauds from as long as 2016. In 2016 they duped people with a company called A S Solutions then changed it to JSN Infotech Pvt Ltd. And Mr Nand Kishore Jha was also arrested once for fraud also.


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  1. Snehal Nirbhavane

    I have been registered my complaint against Glengarry Infoway on consumer consumer complaints. Please do help me as soon as possible.