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I am vender at Glowroad Kurti.

I have shipped order number 200680 received from glowroad. After 2 days i received a call from the courier person of Glowroad that the parcel went misplaced by them and how was the parcel looking from out side. It sounded strange and I reported the same to glowroad on call. After 8 days i found the status of parcel in my seller panel as returned back to me as customer denied accepting parcel. the same day I called glowroad again to inform the same. the girl there named Supriya said that when I will receive the kurti back I need to make a video befoe opeing I made the same and sent to glowroad stating that i receicved garbage. Since themn they are saying that they are investigating the matter. Today they have ddenied saying that the parcel is same what i shipped.

I want to teach them a lesson How can they do such fraud

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  1. As a buyer I had this unfortunate experience with GlowRoad more recently. I had to initiate return request for an order I received due to a mistake on their part. Even though their site says they have unquestioned return policy they don’t follow that. They don’t process the return request instead keep replying to our mails asking us to wait and then nothing happens. I urge everyone not to waste your time and money on this crap site.

  2. Annuri manasa

    Different kurta set received I return but glow road rejected please return I don’t want this

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