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Reported By: Jayashree

Contact information:

Complaint on Order id#785122323 have placed this order in April and immediately after receiving the same, my customer has complained that water is leaking from the juicer. I raised complaint for return. We didn’t have anyone to pickup this product back. Hence I called up your team and informed that she would be on travel and asked them to arrange immediate pickup.

Inspite of the message no one picked up. She was constantly trying to reach the pickup person and please note the delivery address is office address (BSNL). Inspite of multiple attempt from the customer end to reach the return pick up guy and me trying to reach your team and explain this issue, till now this was not resolved.

One fine day, after I spoke to your team, me request for return was cancelled stating inspite of multiple attempt they couldn’t pick the parcel. I just got 2 messages stating to keep parcel ready and nothing more.

I am quiet frustrated with the kind of service and if you note I have been your regular reseller, I seriously wanted to deal with this matter amicably than make it as a big issue.

Although I tried making multiple attempts to call your team, I have been given standard replies which doesn’t help me. Infact I told your team that I can give the courier guy number and conference my customer as well online so that they can check the truth, but your team is constantly telling the standard reply.

I have been a reseller since Local queen days and didn’t expect this kind of poor support.

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