Goshopto Mall Task Platform – I can’t withdraw money

Reported By: Clarissa Polegrates

Contact information:
Goshopto Mall Task Platform Metro Manila(according to the documents that they sent)
https:// mingfc088.com/m

On May 01, 2022 at 7:13 pm, I recieved an anonymous text from +63 907 355 3985 stating that my work-from-home job offer has been approved and that I will receive my daily salary of 2850 pesos. I just need to click the link https://tinyurl.com/yff3xpzy for consultation. I clicked the link the directed me to a WhatsApp account +63 963 703 5460. Assuming it was a freelance job as I was looking for an online job at the moment, I clicked the WhatsApp link. She introduced herself as Carinaau, an Amazon multinational staff and offered me to teach how to earn money. As I was looking for a job, I accepted the offer. She then explained that their job is to help Amazon stores improves their sales ranking. In order to do that, my job is to get orders on the shopping platform and paid by tasks. Every time you complete a task, you will get commissions. They showed me a step by step process tutorial in this link: mingfc088.com. They asked me to register in this link: https://mingfc088.com/m/register with an invitation code 970483 and a reminder to fill in a real and valid mobile phone number for registration. I registered and they asked me to deposited 200 pesos so they can teach me how to earn money. We proceed with the process and as promised by Carinaau, I withdrawn 399 pesos. After that she offered me to complete another tasks and directed me to a telegram account of his/her assistant. S/he said that her/his assistant will teach me how to grow my money where I need to deposit 500 and then I will withdraw 700 pesos. I’ve 500 pesos and complete the task. But as the task progressed, it needed more and more money deposit. I thought after the task, I will be able to withdraw but there are five tasks. In the second task, I need to deposit another 1000 pesos. I completed it. On the third task, I need to deposit 1,643 pesos in order to complete it. In the fourth task, I need to deposit 1793.00 in order to complete it. It was on the fifth task that I need to deposit almost 4,000 pesos when I figured out that it looked like a scam. So I search Amazon multinational account on google but I found nothing. So I told the assistant that I don’t have money and I cannot complete the task. S/he said that I should borrow from a friend. I told her/him that it looked like a scam and a/he sent me documents(maybe fake) as a proof that they are legit and their company is managed by so called Charie Fe A. Zeris. When I searched that name on google, i found out that it’s an alleged scammer. All in all, i deposited 4936 pesos and I cannot withdraw it. Here’s the link of their website: https://mingfc088.com/m. I’m still having high hopes that I would get my money back. I hope that this scammer would stop what s/he’s doing. I badly needed money and that money I deposited is from my savings and even borrowed some from my friend. I hope I can get it back. I hope you can help me. If there’s anything you need to know, feel free to let me know.

How to file a complaint against Goshopto Mall Task Platform?

* Go to page
* Write Goshopto Mall Task Platform in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Goshopto Mall Task Platform.

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  1. shiena marie cabidog

    What happened to me was same and had my anxiety and stress because i was thinking its a job and now this platform made me so sick to think ended my life,they took all the money i have,i really dont know what to do😭

  2. Amabel Ann B. Antonio

    Hi, I also got scammed by this platform. I thought it will help me gain income but all I got was in debt with my friends.. all I wanted is to help provide myself specially I’m a student. But all my savings lost into nothing. I need to be back my money. I’m badly needed it. Please help me

  3. Jose Victor Corsiga

    Hi,I also got that scammed Platforms last night,I try this to have extra income to help me but nothing happened and I got debt to my friends now and I don’t know how to pay that I borrowed to my friends,I already used all my savings money to used to get back all I spend but nothing happened Please help me to get back my money,I don’t know what to do now we’re to get money to my friends. Please help me I’m begging you please help me.I hope you notice me about my concern thank you very much

    1. Hi, i also got that platform last night…and still my money was frozen until today cause i have to top up again money to complete the mission…are you at the VIP3 level? I ask them to return back my money but insisting to top up again just to finish the tasks and received the funds that i spent as long as the commission to the completion of mission. But still huge amount of money are needed to finish it. Are they really scammer?

  4. Same here I was also scammed by goshopto I can’t withdraw my money I already shell out around 40K and my money is still in the app. They ask me to recharge aghain around 54k to finish the task and withdraw my money. Hope u can help us to refund my money 😭

  5. Same here. I taught it was the training that i was waiting for. They are using different gcash number to receive to money. They keep on insisting in completing the task but i need to shell out a huge amount which is out of range from what i have chosen. They keep saying or encouraging me that i will borrow the amount from family and friends. They give thier assurance that once completion of task, you can get you money back within 5 mins. I pressume that cariaau and the task mentor is just the same person.

  6. I can’t withdraw my money i already shell out around 29k and my money is in the app .only 1 task are imcomplete and they ask me to recharge around 75 k to finish the task and withdraw the money .but the amout in very high so that i can’t recharge.Hope you can help us to refund my money