Goshopto Mall Task Platform – I can’t withdraw my money

Reported By: Varya

Contact information:
Goshopto Mall Task Platform Hongkong
https:// amazon699.com/m/login

On April 2, 2022, I received an anonymous text message stating that I was invited to work from home with a salary of Php 8,000 to Php 15,000 with a Whatsapp link from +639655016382. Assuming it was a freelance job, as I was looking for a job as of the moment, I clicked the link that redirected me to a Whatsapp account. She introduced herself as Carinaau, a Amazon Multinational staff as she offered to teach me how to earn money. Being the one who is looking for a job, I accepted the offer. She then explained that their job is to help Amazon stores improves their sales ranking. In order to get that, the job is to grab orders on the shopping platform and pay by tasks. And everytime you complete a task you will get commission income. They showed me a step by step tutorial in this link: amazon699.com on how to register and ask me to recharge Php 200 and teach me how to double/withdraw it to Php 400. I recharged and redirected me to the teacher. The teacher introduced herself as Charie Fe A. Zeris. She then taught me how to do tasks. And as promised by Carinaau, I withdrawn Php 400. After that she offered me a task to complete : Deposit Php 500 to earn Php 300 and so on. I picked Deposit Php 2000 to earn Php 1200 and withdraw Php 3200.
I’ve sent them Php 2000 and go on with the task. But as the tasks progressed, it needed more and more money deposit. I’ve deposited a lot of money to them to load my amazon multinational account. It was too late until I figured out that it looked liked a scam because she kept on asking me to borrow money to people when I didn’t finish the last task that cost Php 85000 to complete. I still haven’t finish it and have not yet given a chance to withdraw money. Before I go to bed that day, I googled “Amazon Multinational. I found nothing. And then I googled the name Charie Fe A. Zeris. And I found that she was suspected of scam by one internet user who did not receive her money. Here’s the link : https://www.scamwatcher.com/scam/view/479189?__cf_chl_tk=5l5CfaQaiNplym0d4zWBFi.t3E2ObpmteNJVPRbYguU-1648919160-0-gaNycGzNCNE. I’m still having my high hopes on getting my money back which cost Php 80,700. I’m still talking to her and have not deposited any money. If this is true, I just want to raise awareness for it to not happen to others again. Thank you for your help, of there is anything you need please let me know.


How to file a complaint against Goshopto Mall Task Platform?

* Go to page
* Write Goshopto Mall Task Platform in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Goshopto Mall Task Platform.

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  1. Hi, I was also scammed by this person. Perhaps, you got you money back? I am trying to locate her number, I even reported this to Gcash but I doubt I’ll get it back.

    1. So what happen now to your account? Are you at VIP3 when you need to top up always while doing the tasks?

  2. I have similar experience with these people. Although, I have just started mine, I felt uncomfortable that every time we do the tasks there is a need to top up. The amount gets bigger and sent to different people. The teacher explained that they were AB products. I wonder why there is also no option to select. Before you know it, your money is already on hold status. I stopped sending before it gets really big.

    1. scam po sya so hindi na unless magfile po nh report para makulong sila and pwede po mabalik pera kung mahuli

  3. Hi, I am currently on the same boat. Although I have completed my tasks and paid all the necessary taxes she said that I need to fill up a form before I could get my money but until now she is not responding to me. I have been messaging her for the last 3 days now but no reply at all, only seen zone. I tried signing up again using my other number and contacted different customer service to locate who assisted me but was told that the one who helped me was out of work for days because of emergency. Until now I am still hoping I could get my money back, I am so freaking out that I couldn’t get my money back, its a huge amount of money just to finish the tasks, my thought was “I know I have to finish the tasks to get my money back, this is the only way” but until now they are not responding to me. I am thinking to file a report to track down their business but I don’t know where to start.

    1. Can i ask if you filed a report or if you know who scammed you? My account is frozen since i stopped doing the task when I saw the complains. I actually talked to the teacher and told her that their platform is scamming people but she insisted that I should finish the task to get my money back. She also gave me an ID of her, I just want to ask if we, perhaps, have the same person that assisted us. Her name is Charie Fe A. Zeris, it’s not her real name tho and she’s a Filipina.

      1. Yes, but she recently change it to Dennise Ignacio. I contacted her on whatsapp but she told me to fuck off and I deserve to be cheated. I have a screenshot of that though.

      2. Yes I filed for a report but the cyber scam authorities cant help because this scam folks are using their own software system.
        Do not trust them, I have finished all the tasks but they did not return my money. I lost huge amount of money, close to 200k.

  4. i have completed the task…and yet the platform will still not let you withdraw the amount for it will not unfreeze. the platform automatically assigns another task, a 1 task with 8 orders. This platform is a SCAM. It is high time that we report this or hire a hacker to hack their platform and send back our money. I believe there is no money behind frozen accounts since it is a scam.

    1. Yes. I don’t know how to report this kind of people. But I think the scammed more people than i thought.