Grand Vivanta Vacations Pvt Ltd New Delhi – Not providing Cancellation even after dissatisfied service

Reported By: Remya

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Grand Vivanta Vacations Pvt Ltd New Delhi Trivandrum

The Grand Vivanta Team had come to Trivandrum Hotel Hyacinth on Aug 29th 2022. Mr Akshit Kakkar & Ms Anjali were the sales person who gave so much of false promises and made me purchase their 10 year Travel Package which is worth Rs, 2,45,000/-. I had paid this amount via my credit card on Aug 29th 2022 and had tried redeeming the free PVR ticket voucher and Hotel Booking. The person who attended the hotel booking was Mr. Mohit and he was much better than the one(Ms. Mamta) who attended the movie booking. I had to keep calling them or sending them emails asking what is the status of the booking. Mohit did send me a list of hotels that I can opt for stay. I decided to cancel this entire membership as I do not want any further services from this company. It is equally frustrating to get a single booking done. The sale guy Akshit Kakkar provided me two contacts Mr. Aftab & Mr Ali from their Finance team. Every time I call these two folks, I was told lame excuses and was asked to give 48 hours or more time. I even took day off from my work just to follow up with these guys. The sales guy keeps saying some useless responses and till date even after trying so hard I did not get any response regarding the cancellation or my refund. The last call I had was with Mr Ali and he said he will arrange a call back from cancellation department. Not sure if this another fake promise by these guys. Is there anyone who can help in this regard?


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