Green Bay pride services – Shaik Saliddin Cheated lots of innocent People In Hyderabad & Started in Vishikapatnam Andhrapradesh

Reported By: SarithaMudhiraj

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Green Bay pride services Dwaraka Nagar Vishakapatnam

Hi Friends Shaik Salauddin is most wanted Criminal involved in 6 cases Cheated lots of innocent people in the name of Global Taj Pride services Now he started in the name of Green bay pride services.

Initially they will call u in the name of lucky draw copouns .That your family has won lucky draw copoun on their anniversary and ask you to come only couple to collect the gift.

They have well Trained Telecaller Team lead By Anwar who is close associate of Shaik Salauddin take care of entire Telecalling team.They will torcher you till you come to their office to collect the gift.

Once you reached there office they will take all your details and ask both to attend the 45 Minutes seminar then only they will handed over that cheap gifts which available in local markets.Slowly they starts their pitching from Club membership, Domestic Holidays, International Holidays, and finally comes with open plot which is far from your place.

The sales team who are working in Green Bay pride services are all old employes who are earlier worked with Global taj pride services are Ramakrishna, Saddam, and shaik salauddin second wife Kalpana.

They also offer you in installments they need only money once you make the payment then they will show you their real faces…

More ever they try to collect only 10k amount initially because now a days no one bother with this small amounts…their target is to collect as much as from more customers…

Ex- They will call & invite minimum 30 members on daily basis …If they try to convinence atleast 8 members means its 80, 000/- thousand and for one month is 2400, 000.00 its 24 lakhs see how these guys are enjyoing public money by master minded schemes…

Dont trust these frauds its completely Fake please contact Shafi Ahamed for Any kind of Help on 6309670662.

Please complaint to Dwaraka Nagar police station on 9440904332

im also attaching the case papers of salauddin


How to file a complaint against Green Bay pride services?

* Go to page
* Write Green Bay pride services in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Green Bay pride services.

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  1. Hello All,
    We don’t agree with the above comment, we have invested in Greenbay pride and we are totally happy with their services, the comment seems as personal grudge, until nd unless how can we know the personal info like second wife’s name (Shaik salauddin second wife ‘Kalpana).
    Moreover Taj pride services (we are not aware of Taj Pride) and Green bay pride services are different, as said above, we don’t see any persons quoted above in Greenbay Pride Services.