Greenpenn Outsourcing Business Advisory – Fraud & Scam

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Greenpenn Outsourcing Business Advisory

404 & 405, 4th Floor, Lunkad Sky Max, Viman Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra, India, 411014

As we have had a personal experience with Greenpenn today we are sharing with you our experiences. Greene describes herself as one of the country’s largest BPO service provider companies on her social media plat formand as an award winner for best services. Is prevalent.And this is where the real game starts First the centre is started with a small investment and then it is gradually trapped in its net. First of all, let us tell you how the beginning started with us, here we did a process with Greenpennon 29 August 2018. A good 11-month agreement for data search and mining started well after four to five weeks. Greenpenn began to show its colour gradually in paying, withholding payments and non-payment on time. The report was also delayed in the name and always forwarded to the female staff for all work.Repeated calls from the company for our bills, invoices, work, quality, etc., were mailed, but no response was given from the company! Neeraj Goel, the CEO of this company would never come on call nor respond to any mail, then slowl your payout started to be stopped. And it went up from 1, 00, 000 to 1, 50, 000, and in return we were offered a new process, Where we got an investment in the name of migration which is ₹ 360000, ₹1, 00, 000 in the name of handholding charges, And an 1, 00, 000 additional charge for giving the IVR facility in the name of domestic inbound Process was stated.What we paid, For this process, our 20 candidates had to finalize us and like this process, in which there was no target of any kind for us in allconditions.We can also prove what we are saying so far as proof!Because we have enough evidence to prove each of our allegations, the terms and conditions of the process were introduced in a newway in between! Bills are not issued on time, And in the end the Center is forced to close its business without payment. We Signup the Domestic Inbound Process (Medical Blind Process) with Greenpenn at 120 per person / hour.In which GreenPennshared the name of the end client company White Coat for which we had to work, which is also shown as a partner of GreenPenn on the white court businesswebsite!Going live on a 20seater process from 22 January 2020 to 31 January 2020, we worked for 1564hours with payout of 187600! Worked 3981 hours from 1st February’20 to 29thFebruary’20 with payout of Rs. 4, 77, 620 and our work from 1st March 20 to 6thMarch 20 paid ₹ 1, 15, 200Thus our total payout becomes 12, 49, 600 + GST and our investment becomes 4, 69, 000 + GST”Soon the court will take its action on which we have full faith but there we can give so much evidence which is sufficient to prove the allegations”Greenpenn could not pay nor answer!!We gave ₹59000 to the GreenPenn for the IVR setup, neither tax invoice nor IVR setup, which we paid back.We gave ₹ 50000 for handholding, which was done by Greenpen to get 11 months full time payout, Greenpen could not get it in the first month itself, here too our refund is refunded
According to the agreement, Mr. Amol had clarified in an email on 4 January 2020 that we have to go live on the inbound with five agents and outbound with 15 agents.And here, no basis of quality will be measured for the first 20 days, here too the greenpen did not stick to its point,
On the 5th of every month, Greenpen will give us an invoice, by the 10th, we will have to confirm it and the bill will be credited on the 15th, it is clearly written in the CSA agreement.But here too, the green pen failed as promised.
Our pay per person hour was 120 per hour which was guaranteed to be delivered without any cuts, without any quality.Because here we were working on a fixed Payout, here also the greenpen was not successful on its point.
Everything from agreement to reconciliation is on record, so it is not possible for Greenpenn to turn away from his word.The entire Greenpan team is responsible for us, who have also coordinate about this process with us.Whose names are Mr. Neeraj Goyal, Mr. Harjeet Singh, Mr. Manish Pillai, Uday Kong, Ms. Durga Vyavare, Mr. Amol Bhosle, Mr. Amit Kolapkar and Ms. Gayatri and all members of Greenpen.
The biggest feature of Greenpen is not to retract from everything or to answer at all.On-record from Greenpenn is that you are eligible for your refund after 3 months. But when asked about the refund on our behalf, Mr. Neeraj, the CEO of the Greenpenn, first denied that what money is left of you. When they were reminded, they proposed a settlement , Which we rejected outright because Greenpenn has not paid us yet, which Dues payment amount to Rs 1249600.One thing to be kept in mind here is that we are now recall all ourout standing payments and our investment money from GreenPenn.


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8 thoughts on “Greenpenn Outsourcing Business Advisory – Fraud & Scam”

  1. Murtuza Ali Sheikh

    Sir should I get your contact details. We also are in the process to signup with greenpenn. So, we are willing to know more about this company. Please reply.

  2. This issue is resolved and mutually closed. Greenpenn Outsourcing Business Advisory takes the best of the possible efforts to resolve the conflicts and meet the customer expectations. We have a dedicated Escalation Management Team and Legal Advisors to solve any differences amicably. Please reach out to us on or for any queries. We would love to support and answer.

    1. I have written to the email address mentioned in this. No one is responding. Green Penn has not lived up to the commitments. You guys have not processed my refunds nor have you processed our pending payments.

  3. I have written to the email address mentioned in this. No one is responding. Green Penn has not lived up to the commitments. You guys have not processed my refunds nor have you processed our pending payments.

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