Grow IT solutions – Fraud Algo trading subscription and lost my capital within three weeks

Reported By: Pradeep kumar Sharma

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Grow IT solutions Jalandhar
Mouth shut Trust Pilot

I took one months subscription from Grow IT solutions on 1st of October 2022. From the very first day of my trading under name of algo trading, I have to incur loss. And it continued on daily basis. Ms Purinma insisted me to upgrade my subscription to multiple strategies to cover up your loss. I was not satisfied with her approach which I wrote to management to change her. On my request Mr Deepak Mishra came in picture and he also insisted me to upgrade my subscription to multiple strategies which I have to. But story loss continued on daily basis. Upon enquiry I got aggressive with him coz of my loss on daily which verbally they promised to have 75% accuracy. Then Mr Rahul came in picture means three relationship managers for me. Story continued of loss. If have profit of 500 to 600 then I was told to log out. My position of trade sometime was within 0.85 paisa of buying and selling positions which I do believe cannot be Algotrading software. After 31st October my subscription was disabled. At last Mr Prashant so called product manager came in picture to give me the solution of my subscription. They told me about refund of my subscription fees if I remove my reviews on various sites. They refund my subscription fees but no one like to talk about 75% my lost capital while trading coz of their Algotrading software. Even in green market I has losses on daily basis. Now my main motive is to recover my list capital from Grow IT solutions management. Or let whole world read my reviews.
My name Pradeep kumar Sharma


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